The CSWC competition cigar's stability will increase with ageing and more attention.


Rocky Patel in inspection of cigars in the factory in Honduras.

Time is flying by, and the CSWC Season 2022 is getting closer by the day. Among many novelties and current actualities, one topic of particular interest to competitors is the CSWC competition cigar and its expected performance for the 2022 season. Even though each stick is handmade and it is impossible to achieve equal perfection to each competition cigar, more attention will be paid to that direction.

The CSWC Rocky Patel competition cigar caused some concern among famous CSWC competitors in the first live season in 2021, but this should be taken with good judgement because some of these famous competitors did not express their concerns in 2020, when they were achieving great results with the same cigar during the ZOOM "stay strong" season.  - Marija Marovic, CSWC Head Judge


Full attention to the quality for perfect results


Top ratings of the CSWC line of cigars

The CSWC cigar that will be used for the CSWC season 2022 will undoubtedly improve in terms of burning stability as it ages. During a test smoking among the CSWC crew, aged competition cigars revealed a lover risk of abruptly shutting off. It has been agreed that all cigars for the 2022 season will be those rolled in 2020 -properly aged, and they have already been set aside for the purposes of the qualification season.The cigars that will be available for training will be one's rolled later, but the CSWC organization board believes that this is not a disadvantage for those who choose to train. It is quite the opposite; it will bring additional challenges and problems so that when real qualification season begins in 2022, they will be completely prepared for any challenges that may arise throughout the qualifications.


Perfect construction of the copetition cigar during season 2021