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La Reunion Island


Aficionado for about ten years, quickly became a deep passion, not for collecting stick but to discover the beautiful stories behind cigars.

I am deeply curious about the process for simple leaves to become such great products and human knowledge ad craftmanship behind it.

We decided with my wife to import cigars in our island regarding the problem it was to find good cigars in La Reunion, so we created CORITA.

We first start to work with Davidoff, a premium brand and Bongani, the first Africa made cigar brand and built a small network of resellers, cleo,ts and friends.

The first events we organized allowed us to know more about people’s tastes and behavior, so when the opportunity came to us to create and launch our own brand we didn’t hesitate much.

It was a decision guided by passion at first and also by reason. As we wanted to involved the smokers here in the brand , we started with an exclusive edition , made by and for the locals.

The success was immediate et we faced a growing demand instantly. We decided then to go further and propose the brand internationally at Intertabac.

Because we are at the first row to talk about cigars, show its unique art de vivre and share our passion , it was obvious to bring CSWC here in a path that shows the huge way the Championship has known since its beginning to almost the limits of the globe , in every little part, and also to show the world that our cigar community here is active and involved in the deep values of cigar smoking.


Indian Ocean region


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