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Havana House in Windsor, UK, has been chosen as the venue for the inaugural CSWC prequalifier round


Save the date for this excitement and fun evening

In an exciting announcement for cigar enthusiasts, Havana House in Windsor, UK, has been chosen as the venue for the inaugural CSWC prequalifier round. Scheduled just before the official start of the 2024 season, this event promises to kickstart the competitive spirit among aficionados worldwide.

The significance of this prequalifier round cannot be overstated, as it will mark the beginning of the race to secure a spot on the coveted TOP 20 list of the best smokers of 2024. With the bar set high, participants are gearing up to showcase their skills and passion for slow smoking.


UK CSWC legendary team - Paresh Patel (left), Etan Patel and Sarah Saunders with CSWC founder Marko Bilic


Havana House in Windsor - amazing cigar shop and sampling lounge with stunning cigar selection

The UK has emerged as one of the powerhouse nations in the CSWC circuit, thanks in no small part to the leadership of Etan Patel, a record holder and renowned slow smoker. Patel's expertise and dedication have propelled the UK to the forefront of competitive smoking. Guiding the UK contingent is none other than CSWC's esteemed ambassador and honorable deputy judge, Sarah Saunders. Her wealth of experience and commitment to the sport ensure that the UK is primed for a remarkable season ahead.

At the heart of this exciting journey is Havana House, owned by the esteemed cigar aficionado Paresh Patel who is also one of the best UK smokers. As the starting point of the season, Havana House sets the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating competition filled with camaraderie, passion, and the aroma of fine cigars. As the countdown to the official start of the CSWC 2024 season begins, all eyes are on Havana House in Windsor, where the journey to greatness begins for the contenders vying for a coveted spot among the world's finest smokers.


UK Record Holder and absolute legend and true gentleman of CSWC World - Mr. Etan Patel

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