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 With a bike  IN THE SEARCH for the DANISH CHAMPION  

Scandinavian CSWC qualification tour is taking a place, Denmark has a new winner.


Kolja Kukuk with his ride, ready for long CSWC Nordich tour.

Kolja Kukuk, one of the CSWC International Judges and Rocky Patel Managing Director for Europe, finally get vaccinated, and almost the same day he seated on his BMW enduro bike, labeled all over with Rocky Patel signes, ready for the Rocky Patel -  CSWC Qualification bike ride tour to the Northern European countries. With luggage full of competition cigars and prizes, and after almost 15 months of covid restrictions, slow smokers welcomed him as children welcome Santa Claus...

„It‘s amazing to finally meet the great CSWC family again. Throughout Scandinavia, we once again have people excited to be part of the competition and to experience the camaraderie again, that Marko created for friends from all around to gather for enjoyment and fun!“ - Kolja Kukuk

The first country on the line of the weel was Denmark. Organized by a famous cigar gentleman - Jesper Petersen from Splendid Cigars -  in combination together with Kolja Kukuk this CSWC qualifier was a deal for great (unforgettable) fun and excitement. The competition took two days in two cities - Copenhagen and Aarhus. Even there were some experienced slow smokers, victory went in the hands of debutant Nick Shawnley


Mathias Noorgard Caroe, third place CSWC Denmark.


Bo Brandt, experienced CSWC competitor from Denmark.

Maybe we can say that the winning time of 1 hour 16 minutes is not huge,but it is a great achievement for Nick who experienced the CSWC challenge for the first time and by winning competitions in both Danish cities he proved that he gets an idea of what to do with burning cigar. Experienced CSWC smoker Bo Brandt who was one of the favorites for the title of Danish Champion, gave advice; "Don't talk, just give a full focus to the cigar".

For sure, by knowing Jesper and Kolja organisation reputation,  we are sure that quality drinks helped with fast drinking for slow smoking. 


Nick Shawnley, new Champion of Denmark.

It is great that the winning time was below two hours. Why? - That is a message to new smokers who want to experience CSWC excitement, that winning is not reserved only for "heavyweight" slow smokers, but also and for the new smokers who are thirsty for new experiences -  Natasa Kresevic, Deputy Head Judge.

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