Petteri Patjas, club Mareva member from Finland,  after three years bringing CSWC Finland back on the track


Bilic and Petteri as two club presidents exchanging club flags on the Grand Final 2017

When the CSWC first began more than a decade ago, one of the most important things for the CSWC organization team was to spread and share the main idea of the CSWC - bringing the global cigar community together through the excitement and fun of the slow smoking challenge. Petteri Patias from Finland, former president of the famous Kirja Club from helsinki, who became a huge supporter of the CSWC and Club Mareva, was one of the first to recognize those efforts and ideas.

Years and years of loyal support and friendship from people like Petteri provided fuel for the CSWC engine to keep moving forward. He became an inseparable part of the CSWC and Club Mareva, and we couldn't be happier because of that gift. - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


From the competitor to the official CSWC judge


Great entertainer always ready for fun and show

Petteri was the first to introduce CSWC to Finland many years ago, at the Kirja Cigar Club in Helsinki. Later, due to legal complications with Finland's smoking ban, he was obliged to discontinue it. Now he is putting CSWC Finland back on track for Finis smokers, even if it means holding CSWC Finland on the soil of another country. Petteri is a 2019 CSWC Judge and a Club Mareva member since 2016. In 2018, he received the CSWC Diamond Leaf Award for the best Ambassador in recognition of his unwavering commitment. Mr Patjas is regarded by CSWC as one of the most supportive friends and Club Mareva members.


In 2018, he was awarded the Diamond Leaf Award for the finest CSWC ambassador by Club Mareva honorary vice president Ivan Mazuranic.


He is adored by Club Mareva ladies as a one of the top Mareva members and outstanding gentleman.