10 seconds for the LONG AWAITED, BIG VICTORY

Mikael Zander, who had been chasing the title for years, finally won it this year in spectacular way. 


Famous Martin Brix from Kind Cigars, CSWC organizer, in slow smoking action.

The question was whether the Swedish qualifier would be one of the season's best slow smoking rounds.The actual events of that night tell us that this could be possible. It was almost like a sports movie scenario. Adding to that, the fact that some of the best slow smokers were competing against each other that evening added to the excitement and demonstrated that these competitors are always ready for the big game. The new Rocky Patel competition cigar also showed that it is a hard toy to drive slowly, and that a lot more focus will be needed.

In the beginning, when I felt that competition mood in the air, it was a little bit hard for me not to compete, especially when memories of excitement from last year's winning the title emerged, but on the other hand, I was proud to be there as the official CSWC Judge, to take the responsibility and excitement of judging the slowest race with some of the best slow smokers in the game - Pierre Gustavsson

The story of the Swedish qualifier started many years ago at Mellgren's in Gothenburg. For the first time, it was clear that a new rising star of slow smoking - Igor Kovacic - had emerged. With a distinct personality, charming but also a true bad boy, and a penchant for sports, he quickly earned the nickname "Swedish Tiger, "for which he is still well known today. From that first year, Igor created a long history and new standards for the CSWC world, as actual World Record which is still untouched for two years.


Big rivals chatting after amazing competition. Left - Igor Kovacic, 2nd place (World record holder), right - Mikael Zander, new Swedish Champion.

But not long ago, Igor was not the only Swede with a reputation as one of the best slow smokers from Sweden.Already in 2017, Mikael Zander's name drew attention.Mikael was always in the top three best positions starting in 2017, but he was always a little short of winning the title.His friendly but competitive demeanor kept him focused on the target - the Champion's Title.From 2019, two more young names pop up during ZOOM "Stay Strong season -  Henrik Kristensson, and Alexander Broman. Henrik, who was able to reach 3 hours of smoking almost every time, and with the ability to smoke below the ring for an extended period of time, alerted other slow smokers to the fact that a new young slow smoking star was on the rise.Alexander is also a fantastic smoker with a lot of potential, so the bar is set high for him.Last Friday, all of these names were ready for the world's slowest race, and the competition was fierce.


 One of the corners of the competition  venue with some of the top Swedish competitors during full focus of slow smoking race. 

From Left: Henrik Kristensson, Alexander Broman and Mikael Zander.

So, with high motivation and competitive spirits, the competition began last Friday evening in the late evening hours. The competition was made clear and easy by CSWC Judge Pierre Gustavsson. The first competitor went out after 7 minutes of smoking. After 1 hour of smoking, there were 9 competitors still in the game. Alexander and Igor are the fastest of the four favorite smokers, while Zeke and Kristensson are feeling good and confident because they are now in the leading positions .Igor turned ON his "Tiger mod" in the final third of the competition and slowed the speed of smoking, putting himself in first place at that moment .Alekander went out after nearly 2 hours of smoking .Henrik was under pressure, and he lost his cigar after 2 hours and 31 minutes, leaving Igor with a chance to become the Swedish champion.But Zander is fighting hard, even  he is only a few milimeters away from the burning of the competition ring, whereas Igor has more than a centimeter and a nice advantage. Suddenly Igor's cigar went off, and Zander only needed a few more seconds of smoking to claim the long-awaited title of Swedish Champion.10 seconds later, Mikael raised the hand, he stoped his smoking time and he became a new Swedish Champion. 


Former Swedish Champion, now official CSWCJudge - Pierre Gustavsson


Cuervo y Sobrinos, Rocky Patel, Les Fines lames, Boveda and otehr prizes for winners.