Let's learn more about the best slow smoking woman in the world.


Ivana Vrdoljak, vice president of Club Mareva gives CSWC stone trophy to Klaudia Ide

Cigar Women are an essential part of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, and they have proven that they can challenge gentlemen with the same power, competitive passion, and talents as any guy in the slow smoking community, and give superior results. We can immediately grasp how excellent the ladies are in this challenge if we look at the percentage of women who participate in the CSWC world, as well as their outcomes and success.

It is a wonderful delight to observe the women' achievement in the CSWC World, to see their engagement, drive, and competitive spirit. Taking into account that the Judge Association is led by women, we can conclude that CSWC is one of the few challenges in which both men and women play an equal role.- Marija Marovic, Head Judge


Klaudia during CSWC official training in Warsaw


Women World Record holder -Agata Piotrowska

When we talk about women's accomplishments, we must definitely mention Klaudia Ide, actual Women World Champion from Poland, and the Polish Women's Slow Smoking Community. They are without a doubt the most powerful women's community in the world of slow smoking. Klaudia made her CSWC debut this year during official training in Warsaw. At the time, Elena Tronina of Poland, the former Women's World Champion (as of 2019), instructed and counseled Klaudia on the slow smoking and how to execute it successfully. . Elena won the formal training that evening, and Klaudia had  done well there also that evening. Klaudia was obviously a good student and Elena great mentor. 


Anastasia Arsenova from Russia in action during Grand Final. She was second favorite


Elena Tronina  - Former Women Champion and Klaudia Ide mentor


Klaudia Ide recieveng her Cuervo y Sobrinos  Women Champion watch 

Anastasia Arsenova, top slow smoker from Russia, Moscow, was the greatest star with the best result throughout the qualification season 2021. With her second best time on the season's TOP 20 list, she entered as the heavy favorite to win the World Championship Grand Final and title of the World Champion. After above mentioned official training, Klaudia competed in the real thing for the first time - a CSWC qualification event for Poland - and she performed a miracle - she won and became the Polish national champion. Now, Klaudia, a youthful and enthusiastic slow smoker, and another fantastic cigar lady from Poland made it to the grand final. There she performed another miracle: she is just the second woman in the CSWC's lengthy history to enter the TOP 3 positions in the grand final, or, to put it another way, the third greatest slow smoker on the globe of the year 2021. Christine Magnin of Switzerland was the first to do this, finishing third in the 2014 CSWC Grand Final. When we consider that the current Woman World Champion is from Poland, that the previous one was from Poland, and that the Women World Record has belonged to Agata Piotrowska for many years with 3 hours and 6 minutes, we may conclude that Poland is a real Women slow smoking superpower. Let's see what Poland can do in 2022.


Christine magnin from Switzerland, first woman who manage to be in the top 3 best positions on the Grand Final. That happaned on the CSWC Grand Final 2014