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CSWC interview with DANAYS LEON

Danays Leon, our CSWC Judge, has become one of the a very well known women in the cigar community, as well as a newcomer to the cigar industry.


Danays Leon became well known cigar woman, fully active in community and new one in cigar  industry

Danays Leon, a great cigar personality, has made the CSWC organization richer. She has become a true ambassador for the cigar culture among women all over the world, and she is the best illustration of how a passion for cigars knows no gender. Enjoy this fantastic interview with her.

the power of the cigar women - you became one of the strongly recognized women in the cigar community, and the presence of women in the cigar world is strongening each year. what drawed you to cigars culture, enjoyment of cigars?

I grew up with the smell of Cuban cigars lingering in the air because my father used to smoke them, I was not aware of how powerful sensory memory was until many years later I moved to Canada, during this time, quite frequently, I participated in events and gatherings were Habanos were smoked, and every time, their pleasant smell took me back to my childhood triggering my interest in them. Back in Cuba, I was very keen on learning more about wines, spirits and Habanos and it was during this time that I got "trapped" in the cigars world, that is how I like to define the fact; once you fall in love with cigars you can never let them go!  In Cuba, I became a Sommelier, then a Habano Sommelier. In 2019, I traveled to Dominican Republic to take the IACS Master Cigar Sommelier course, right after I became its Ambassador for Europe and currently, I'm its partner for Europe. What started as a pure interest in learning and enjoyment became a profession, just by chance.

you are not only a part of the cigar community, but you recently became also a part of the cigar industry with your own brand, Sperlinga cigars. what inspired you to made decision to make that step forward and to become cigar producer?

I have gone from being a Habanos and cigar sommelier to venture myself into the manufacturing, in certain extend, and owning a cigar brand, by chance once more. Let me explain, I met Dorin in 2018 while he was living in the Dominican Republic pursuing his dream of making cigars and not long after we got married and we joined our passion and love for each other and for cigars to make his dream come true. Now we are a team working hard in our Sperlinga brand.


Sprelinga cigars - beauty for the eyes and taste.


Danayas in the Dominican Republic during blending  process

what do you consider to be unique about your cigars, and can you tell us little bit more details about them?

Cigar brands and cigars are almost countless, that is why, introducing a new brand is very challenging and beautiful! Keeping yourself true to your passion, to your background and your life philosophy will allow you to combine and transform it all into unique cigars. The flavor and aroma profiles of our cigars, their shapes and presentation are all connected to our lives, our sensory and life experiences, to who we are and what we enjoy when smoking a cigar. 


Sperlinga, at the moment has three lines: the first one was developed for the Canary Islands where we live part of the time, the second one is The Limited Edition, Sperlinga Volcanoes Line, this one is very close to Dorin’s heart since he is a Geologist Engineer. The Line comprises 5 boxes named after each continent, in each box there are 4 cigars named after a Volcano of the respective continent. There are 20 different cigars in shapes and profiles, designed by the Master Blender, Manuel Inoa and a very modest contribution of us and rolled at La Aurora Cigar Factory. 

The third line, we call it our Core line is named; The Life Journey, formed by 9 different cigars in shape and blends. These are: The Longing, The Crossroads, The Resilience, The Dream, The Choice, The Story, The Beginning, The Passion and The Decision.

All lines are available and ready to be shipped. We are very interested in reaching all the markets and open to explore all possibilities with distributors and stores.

you became official cswc judge and cswc organizer. how is your feelings about that?

When I knew you were launching a course to become a CSWC Judge, I immediately wanted to know more about it and wanted to get involved. I look at the CSWC and you with great regard and respect, I knew how much I could learn from you all, how much fun it could be at the same time. I am very honored for having been accepted and I am very enthusiastic about organizing the CSWC event this year in the Dominican Republic and I look forward to meeting you and all the competitors and judges soon.

we wish you great future with your brand and we are proud to have you as part of the cswc family.

Thank you very much for the opportunity of being part of the CSWC family and for allowing me to share part of our experiences in the Cigar World.


Sprelinga cigars - different vitolas and packaging

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