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CSWC International Judge association with it's global judges made amazing job


Dmytriy HURINCHIK, Officil Judge for Ukraina during his Judge activities

The CSWC season 2021 was significant in many ways, but one aspect was critical in making it possible in these global pandemic times - the CSWC International Judge association, with it's judges from all over the world. Even season 2021 began late due to nearly global lockdowns, the period of uncertainty, CSWC organization used for ZOOM seminars and trainings for a certified army of global judges.

It is difficult to express my emotions and gratitude to these cigar enthusiasts and experts from around the world who dedicated their energy and time to the concept and idea of the CSWC. Without them, the growth of CSWC would be impossible.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Marcin Lewadowski marking the times during CSWC Poland


Sarah Saunders brought CSWC in UK on another level

These extraordinary people applied for and passed specialized seminars and trainings, as well as a final test that made them official CSWC Judges. They were eager to introduce CSWC to their cigar communities and countries. They became not only judges, but also CSWC ambassadors, bringing the power of the CSWC excitement and experience. Finally, they gave national cigar enthusiasts in their countries the opportunity to gain experience by winning the title of National Slow Smoking Champion, as well as the excitement of representing their country in the CSWC grand final, with the chance to reach the ultimate goal - the title of World Champion.


Charm of the Judge during CSWC competition


ANDREAS Vogiatzakis amazing judge from KL


Roberto Resmer, official Judge Slovakia during award ceremony

Because of them, Season 2021 was able to return in live format, and it took place literally all over the world - from the West to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. More than 40 competitions (prequalification's and qualifications) were held, and the CSWC Grand Final could finally be held again. The CSWC Judge Association brought these incredible people - Judges - together, and this is just the start of a new global cigar family.CSWC Judge Association and CSWC have strong plans to devote a lot of attention to CSWC Judges as a family and its activities - to grow and develop it, and to support judges in the coming years. The year 2021 was only the beginning; the CSWC Judge family will expand and bring more countries together. Official applications for new judges for the new countries and CSWC season 2022 will be made available soon.


Judge crew Germany on the CSWC in Munich


CSWS Judges from Norway during celebration


Judges from Italy did amazing job around Italy

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