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Organizer CigarKings are bringing CSWC to one of the most famous restaurants in Germany.


Schuhbeck´s in den Südtiroler Stuben, one of the best German restaurants. 

Philipp Kugler, the founder, and owner of the well-known brand CigarKings is one of the industry's young guns. He is also one of the most active brands, particularly in Europe.
His charm and energy are just a part of his innovative and ambitious personality.
With so many responsibilities in his life, he also accepted the position of official CSWC Judge, for which the CSWC headquarters are very proud

For me it is an amazing opportunity to be able to host the german championship with Alfons in the Tiroler Stuben. As a Munich resident, I am particularly proud of it, as Mr. Schubeck is also in the same cigar club as me. Thats why it is a very cigar friendly location. I'm looking forward to a great event, with the best times in smoking and excellent food - Philipp Kugler, CigarKings

So, with such energy, and carather, and  role of the organizer of CSWC Germany/Munich leg,  it was for expecting that Philipp will go for something special and unique. He choose one of the most famous German restaurants - Schuhbeck´s in den Südtiroler Stuben .Alfons Schuhbeck, owner of the restaurant is a celebrity chef who can be found in books, on TV, on the radio, on gourmet shows—you name it.Cooking is always a popular topic of conversation, and this is especially true in his spice shop near the Hofbräuhaus on the central Platzl.Südtiroler Stuben, the Munich tycoon's flagship venue, is also located here.The luxury brasserie, while somewhat conservatively furnished, serves cuisine of the highest caliber. 


Alfons Schuhbeck, famous German Chef

CSWC Germany/Munich will undoubtedly be more than a challenge; it will be a hedonistic experience, a lifestyle event, and, in some ways, the best that Bavaria has to offer in that regard.There is no doubt that everything will be on level with Philipp Kugler as Captain of this experience.So, all German smokers, don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity for excitement and pleasure. 


Philipp Kugler, founder CigarKings

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