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First live training after almost a year

Nashville slow smokers did something that many slow smokers are missing for a long time


Rob Potter (on the left) with competitor during live training

In these times of global COVID pandemic, we lost that feeling of the live experience that we used to have before and that feeling just became memory. Power of the CSWC was exactly there - in live experience of the competition, where cigar lovers were through their passion also getting excitement of the challenge.

Yes, CSWC is competition, yes it is challenging and exciting, but also CSWC is fun and entertainment that you experience with your cigar friends. It is a great reason to get together and to see each other more, no matter where ever CSWC competitions are held in the World - Rob Potter, CSWC competitor Nashville, USA.

Rob Potter, CSWC competitor from Nashville,  experienced that many times, and he wanted to share that experience of CSWC with his cigar friends from the newly established cigar club "Nashville Cigar Box Club".  Excitement was even bigger, because live gathering of any type many people on the planet hadn't experienced for a while, and due to that fact, this CSWC training was even more fun and joyful.


Kathryn Wolle, winner of the training.

Among dozen friends who got together for the slowest race on the Planet, the pleasure of winning went in the hands of the lady - Kathryn Wolle. She managed to push CSWC Rocky Patel for 2hours 1 minute and 35 seconds. That was an amazing performance from Kathryn and for sure we are ready for her and her good smoking times in some live,  official tournaments. Rob and friends said that they are ready for more training, more fun and to get more ready for some live action!!


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