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Great organisation and the first woman in top 3 positions

Gara di fumo lento_Osea Sealing Club_196.jpg

2nd positioned Patrizia Traversi, celebrating great result on the CSWC Pescara.

Italy was taken from the beginning very seriously organization of CSWC, and they decided to go strong into the season. With 4 prequalification events around Italy, they wanted to warm up Italian smokers for the Italian CSWC Finale which will take place August 7th in Rieti. Amazing Italian CSWC Judges with CCA Italy took on the self organisation of these events supported by CSWC Ambassador for Italy - Gino Lannoilo

La "Bella Italia" is back, after the success at the European football championships, it  goes into the CSWC. We are at year zero. The first three events were held by the Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, the Pescara "Compagnia del Sigaro" Cigar Club  and the Ambrosiano Cigar Club of Milan.The CSWC judges in charge had their hard work cut out being all novices in this competition . Italian competitors showed a strong competitive spirit and they provide some excellent times.This year's goal is to break the Italian record of 1h 48 '54' ', possibly touching two hours. - Gino Rossano Iannillo

Pescara was first on the list, and it was guided by CSWC Judges Alberto Manichelli and Francesco Ventura, who have extensive experience. With nearly 30 participants, the CSWC Pescara demonstrated the high level of interest in this new sport discipline among Italian smokers. And despite having no prior experience, they achieved incredible results. Not only that, but CSWC Pescara is the first location this season , with a woman taking one of the top 3 positions, in this case Ms Traversi took huge 2nd place. 

Gara di fumo lento_Osea Sealing Club_178.jpg
Gara di fumo lento_Osea Sealing Club_162.jpg

CSWC competitors in slow smoking action

3rd positioned Adam Fonzi in full focus

This was the first time any of the Pescara participants had participated in a slow smoking challenge. Of course, they displayed that beautiful Italian competitive, sports spirit, which immediately resulted in great times - Giovanni Lervese took a victory with smoking time of 1hour and 22 minutes. As mentioned before, first woman of the season reached one of the best times - 2nd positopn with 1hour and 15 minutes. With only little bit more than minute difference, 3rd position went in the hands of Adam Fonzi.

Gara di fumo lento_Osea Sealing Club_158.jpg

Champion of Pescara Giovanni Lervese inspecting his cigar burning.

On July 30th there will be another competition in Pompei at the local Cigar Club ò Sicario and then on August 7th, we will have the Italian Champion which will come out of the competition to be held in Rieti with the help of the local cigar club. 

Italy is a beautiful country with wonderful people.
The beauty of their competitive spirit is that it keeps them at the top of many sports.
We are confident that they are on their way to conquer the world of slow smoking. 

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