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Light em up GO partnership CSWC

The premium cigar world in your pocket.


Reinhard Pohorec - founder of Light em Up GO platform

This is it! Light em Up GO is going live this July! 

Light em Up GO is a ground breaking platform for the modern cigar lover, so we all miss out less on what we enjoy the most. 



It is the Swiss-army knife for contemporary cigar enthusiasts. It is the platform aggregating where we meet, where we smoke, where we buy. And it is the platform to provide answers to the questions, which are most critical for every cigar lover. We want to help facilitate the camaraderie; we want to help build the community; we want to humbly serve all the cigar lovers, looking for time well spent and experiences that will be memorable for a long time. 

Reinhard Pohorec is the great individual - his success with virtual lounge during pandemic time just proved his innovation spirit and definitely he continued in that direction with  Light' em Up GO Platform. First as a great friends, and secondly with similar global vision of the cigar World, it was naturally that we joined forces and that we created official partnership between Light' em Up GO and CSWC. It is pure win - win situation  - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


 Light em Up GO platform - coming this July

Light ’em Up GO is an app at the service of the modern cigar lover – that will help you find private herfs, lounges, clubs, and stores around the world, and connect you with the wider cigar community, all in one place. 

Join the community:

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