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CSWC Rocky Patel line of cigars among most successfully rated cigars of the year


CSWC Rocky Patel competition mareva lies on the Cigar Journal magazine

Technical properties are the key factor and element for the competition cigar of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. When the competition started 11 years ago, the first competition cigar was famous Montecristo No4. That amazing cigar was good, but as the competition was growing and getting more and more serious and demanding, Montecristo was not anymore good enough for the competition. 

Competitors started to complain that a huge percentage of the chance for winning  is going on the luck of which cigar you will pick up. At that point we knew that it was time for the specially made cigar for the competition, perfectly constructed, to provide as many equal chances as possible to all competitors for winning - Marko Bilic

Now when  specially constructed competition cigars have been there  for more than 7 years,the CSWC organization board in partnership with Rocky Patel  made the decision to create a whole CSWC line of cigars. Of course, flagship of the line is competition size "mareva" which is now  commercially on the market globally, but next to mareva is also robusto and toro. Idea of this project and this new  sizes, is additional  focus and dedication  to the taste of the whole CSWC line. While "mareva" is still a competition size, it is also a size which provides amazing tastes and flavours. The same is with robusto and toro with difference that these sizes are for pleasure only and not for the competition


CSWC Rocky Patel Toro presented in wooden box of 10 cigars

Results of this new project were just amazing. Review after  review started to bring top ratings, and almost all major cigar magazines, portals, bloggers, and websites gave top points to the cigars of  CSWC Rocky Patel line and many of them included CSWC cigars in the lists of top chosen cigars of the year. The culmination was 9th place on one of the most anticipated lists of the year - Cigar Journal top 25 cigars of the year. For sure these cigars provided great results, but not just in the slow smoking but also in the pleasure smoking.

CSWC mareva - Cigar Journal 9th of top 25, Cigar Journal 91 points, Cigar Coop 25th of 25, Halfwheel 91 points, Cigar Coop 91 points, Ministry of Cigars 91 points, The Cigar Authority 94 points. CSWC robusto -  The Cigar Authority 95 points. CSWC toro - Cigar Journal 93 points, Cigar Reviews by Phil "Katman" 95 points and 9th of top 20

FB_IMG_1607788932744 (1).jpg

Cut and copied part of top 25 Cigar Journal list explanation - 9th place - CSWC mareva

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