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After long, 15 months, first live CSWC Qualification event took place


Winners of the first CSWC qualifier of the season 2021

The full throttle of excitement and fun  - is the best way to describe the N. Macedonian CSWC qualification round in Skopje. Organizers - the cigar importer for Macedonia, company LGA Imports I Tobako, and Pura Kultura Private Club were great organizers, who brought together more than 60 people (competitors and spectators) on this CSWC round.

Some great, old CSWC friends also came there to check if they lost the slow smoking feeling.

CSWC N. Macedonia qualification event was open for all Macedonians who were eager for this great competition experience. Of course, we wanted to use this great gathering and for the opening of the new Cigar Club Pura Kultura in Villa Dajana which is the new place where all cigars smokers are very welcome - Marko Trendafilov, CSWC Judge

The competition itself was amazing. Most of the competitors finished around the same time, without major time distances, so that provided much more tensity and adrenaline during competition. Some of the final positions were decided in seconds. In these moments experience is always advantage and key for easier reaching of victory. That is exactly what happened. CSWC "old" and experienced friends Toni Trajkov and Dejan Badarevski took winning positions.


Oliver Dimitrovski, third place CSWC N. Macedonia


Dejan Badarevski, second place CSWC N. Macedonia

Toni was puffing longest, and he deserved the title of the new N. Macedonian Champion. Dejan was just behind him few minutes with his smoke. Toni and Dejan were already N. Macedonian representatives on the Grand Final in Split a few times and for sure that helped them to reach these great results. A nice surprise was Oliver Dimitrovski who get the third position with a less than minute difference from Dejan. 


Toni Trajkov, new Champion of N. Macedonia

The guests were welcomed with white wine and sparkling wine from one of the best wineries in the region, LAZAR Vinery. Chivas Regal was served as the main spirit of the event. The air was filled with the scent of Illy coffee, and the performance of the dancers lightened the evening.  The competition started in a very well relaxed atmosphere, and all the competitors carried themselves as true Gentlemen. As the competitors finished their cigars, they were accompanied by a hostess by the pool to enjoy the party with great food, spirits, wine, and entertainment. Dajana Nesovska and Blagoja Nesovski as hosts and Gabriel Stibel and Marko Trendafilov as judges.


Winners and organizers of CSWC N. Macedonia

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