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Official Cigar Cutter  - Les Fines Lames presented limited edition Le Petit cigar knife

CSWC Red (4).jpg

CSWC and Les Fines Lames celebrating their 5th anniversary of partnership

Les Fines Lames and CSWC are celebrating their fifth year of collaboration. Furthermore, Pierre Jourdan, the founder of LFL, Pablo Rodet, the Co-President of LFL, and Marko Bilic, the founder of the CSWC, have had a sincere friendship for many years, and they have supported each other in their initiatives and aspirations as true visionaries, friends, and cigar connoisseurs.

Les Fines Lames has become one of the world's leading brands in cigar accessories, as well as one of the most well-known in the tobacco industry as a whole. It was wonderful to see them achieve new heights each year, and it was a wonderful feeling to have their unquestioning support while also developing genuine friendships with Pierre and Pablo.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Beautiful LFL cigar puncher bracelet as one of the prizes

CSWC Blue (1).jpg

Famous Le Petit LFL as CSWC special edition

Les Fines Lames developed lovely goods for the slowest smokers for the CSWC season 2022 - Le Petit Red cigar Knife for national qualification winners. With the CSWC logo engraved on the super light aluminum handle and the additional engraving "2022 national winner," this Le Petit is certainly a one-of-a-kind trophy that can only be gained if you are a national winner. As a result, the worth of this Le Petit is boosted. A comparable version in blue, but without the engraving "2022 national winner," will be available for public purchase as a nice memory of the forthcoming season. LFL reserved its iconic cigar puncher bracelet for second place.

Packshot Petit CSWC Red - awards.jpg

Le Petit by Les Fines Lames -  Red version for the national winners around the world

Packshot Petit CSWC Blue - awards.jpg

Le Petit by Les Fines Lames blue - special edition available for purchase - check it here

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