The CSWC season  2022, with new countries on the list and new slow smoking names, will be more than exciting.


Women's results in 2021 were nearly the best in history of CSWC

The CSWC season 2022 is about to begin, and we anticipate it to be one of the most interesting seasons yet. First, there is a large group of new countries who have become a part of the massive global CSWC community, and they will undoubtedly add some fresh excitement, but also some new names to the slow smoking community. At the same time, we have new and "old" CSWC mega stars who are already fired up for the season, both to defend their previous year's results and to set new ones.

Definitely exciting times are ahead of us, and I am looking forward to all of the fantastic moments and fresh memories generated by CSWC feelings that will be left behind after season 2022. And if you ask me about competitors, I expect and this year to see big things from Polish competitors -  Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


World record holder Igor Kovacic still keeps the WR


US Champion 2021 will defenetly try to defend the title

The United States and the United Kingdom have seen an increase in prequalification events, with more than 30 prequalification rounds taking place in just these two nations. That will bring in new fresh crowd, which will challenge the experienced ones, and that will undoubtedly generate a lot of excitement and new names. If we consider that Russia and Ukraine are not in the qualification season, and that some of the very best slow smokers are from Russia who will not participate in season 2022, this means that due to this situation, more chances on the top 20 list of the season's best smokers will be available for other countries, which means a lot of excitement for new members of the slow smoking community.


Now as true slow smoking super star - world champion Henrik Krisstenson in defending task


Polish smoker are under the spotlight due to great results from last year


hauke walter from germany, was the first on the top 20 list last year - can he do even more?

"Swedish Tiger," who has been holding his massive world record of 3 hours and 52 minutes for the past three years, as well as Huake Walter, a former World Champion from Germany, who last year ranked first on the top 20 list of the greatest times of the season 2021. (even he did not achieved great result on grand final, and he was one of the biggest favorites).Of course, all eyes are on the current world champion, Henrik Kristensson, to see if he can take the strain of defending the title. Big rivals like Igor Kovacic and Mikael Zeke Zender are highly driven and skilled, and they are capable of making this Henrik assignment extremely difficult. Additional excitement and heat on the top 20 list of the season's best smokes, which is offering a wild card for the grand final, will bring Time chase competitions, which are taking place this year for the first time as part of the season. TC events will undoubtedly provide more opportunities for beginners to learn slow smoking abilities and experience. All in all, we anticipate a truly fantastic season in 2022.


Time Chse event in Italy - the new concept in CSWC season which will for sure add more excitement on the top of the season 2022