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For the first time, N. Macedonian smokers taking initiative as leading country


Saso Dukoski, still on the top of the TOP 20 list of the season

The first half of the 2022 season was more than interesting, with many surprises. One of the biggest surprises is the current dominance of N. Macedonian slow smokers. They hold two of the top three spots, with the top spot also going to a Macedonian slow smoker - now three time national champion Saso Dukoski

Saso is an experienced slow smoker; I've known him for more than 5 years and can say he is the ideal combination of true gentleman and competitive personality for success in any challenge. - Marko Bilic, Founder of CSWC - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


The best woman until today - Marina Badarovska

Nikola Popovski 1 mesto vreme 1.50;1.JPG

Popovski as 3rd positioned at top 20 list

Saso is already a two-time Macedonian Champion, and he now holds the that title for the third time. It is important to note that these results are current after the CSWC Denmark/Sweden, which was expected to make significant changes at the top of the TOP 20 list, but this did not occur. Even though Denmark is the country with the most places on the TOP 20 list, dominance remains in the hands of N. Macedonians, who continue to hold top positions.


Zander defend Swedish title champion but with very avarage time


World Champion is about to compete very soon


World record holder, Igor Kovacic has no luck with new competition cigar so far

N. Macedonias is also favored by a segment of the ladies in the CSWC season. Marina Badarovska is the best woman of the season so far, despite not being in the top 20. There is also Aleksandra Teovska, who has achieved great success. That is also a great initiative from Macedonian ladies nn woman CSWC division which  is always interesting to watch because there aren't too many favorites this season, with the exception of Polish slow smoking ladies. We can conclude that the first third of the CSWC season has been more than entertaining.


Aleksandra Teovska one of the best woman's up to now with Gabriel Stibel.

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