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Two big Malaysian CSWC champions will for the first time face each other in slow smoking battle.


First ever CSWC in Malaysia was happaned in 2019 - photo from the very first one Malaysian CSWC

Malaysia is one of the most active CSWC countries, and with Trinidad cigar company as organizer, Hazely Harun as official CSWC judge, and Andreas M. Vogiatzakis as official CSWC judge, Malaysia is at the top of the game. Samuel Spurr, a great CSWC friend, supporter, and judge who is now doing an amazing job with CSWC in Australia, planted the seed for CSWC in Malaysia. It was only country which didn't made brake in CSWC tournaments in the COVID pandemic time, which was truly unique for CSWC history.


Yadie dayana, first champion of Malaysia (2019) with CSWC founder Bilic, after his victory.


Willson Zc - two times champion  - 2020, 2021

This year marks the 4th anniversary of the CSWC Malaysia, which has produced two great champions and a slew of great slow smokers. Marko Bilic, CSWC founder, was present at the first CSWC ever held on Malaysian soil, which established a special relationship with the Malaysian cigar community. That occasion resulted in many new friendships, including special ones with Fedinand Piet, founder of the legendary Ministry of Cigars, Hazely Haarun, director of the Trinidad cigar company and Naresh Mohan CEO of Trinidad Cigar Company.


Two -times Malaysian Champion Willson in the training session


Great friendship - Hazely Harun and Marko Bilic


CSWC training sessions prior real slow smoking race of Malaysia 2022

So, CSWC Malaysia 2022 will be a thrilling event, especially because two major champions will meet for the first time. Yadie Dayana, the great Indonesian smoker who was the first and historical champion of CSWC Malaysia, will face Willson ZC, Malaysia's proven two-time champion. This will be a big slow smoking fight between these two extraordinary cigar aficionados, with an open opportunity for the other great slow smokers there to win the title and cast shadows on these two famous names.This is why a large delegation of 8 cigar enthusiasts from Indonesia is traveling to Malaysia to provide a great slow smoking fight. This will be an epic CSWC round, and we can't wait to see what happens.


Marko Bilic, CSWC founder opening historical CSWC Malaysia 2019 in front of the full lounge of hotel St Regis Kuala Lumpur

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