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CSWC global partners held great presentations on the Saturday morning of the Grand Final Weekend


Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder and Rocky Patel are opening Saturday morning workshops

The Saturday morning seminars of the Grand Final weekend are one of the most exciting parts of the Grand Final weekend, as it is a great opportunity for cigar lovers around the world to get a first-hand look. , from some of the biggest players in the cigar industry to find out all the news, news, stories and explanations behind their products, their success and also to learn about the new products and products coming to market.

The feedback from the participants regarding the workshop was remarkable and we are pleased to see that this part of the program generated so much joy and excitement for the guests. It is a win-win situation for global partners as they have the opportunity to directly share information and get feedback from the global cigar community instantly in one place.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Chivas Regal provided amazing degustation


Rocky in his presentation mood

All CSWC partners had the opportunity to bring some novelties- Chivas Whiskey not only presented some of their best whiskeys as New Chivas XX, but this was also one of the first global opportunities to taste and New Japanese version of Chivas. Rocky Patel, a well-known Whiskey lover, was the first to cheer with Whiskey sommelier Filip Sarilar during the perfect tasting session. With the taste of Chivas whiskey on his palate, Rocky took the stage and shared his passion for cigar making with the audience, while all of the participants smoked his Rocky Patel Number 6 cigar. It was a perfect match for the story of Rocky's success.


Hulecos humidity measurement device


Luciuen Vouillamoz from Hulecos are shoving functionality of device


Boveda new products

Hulecos, a new official CSWC partner, demonstrated Swiss science behind the high technology of their product, the first for high precision measurement of cigar humidity.  Benjamin Patock linked the humidity control story with a presentation of the most recent achievement in that segment from the most awarded company in that field - famous Boveda company from USA.


Pierre Jordan from Les Fines Lames


Cuervo y Sobrinos new products


Massimo Rossi  - CEO Cuervo y Sobrinos

Our global partner Les Fines Lames presented some of the most recent versions of their well-known products, such as the Le Petit cigar knife in gold version, which recently won the Cigar Trophy award for best accessories. Cuervo y Sobrinos, the official timekeeper of the CSWC, presented their new line of Hemingway watches, along with other novelties, and announced a new partnership concept with cigar lounges.


Anastasia Lukanova during always interesting ST Dupont presentation


New line of Grand Dupont lighters


Ivana Vrdoljak with Caffe Vergnano

Anastasia Lukanova from St Dupont presented the new line of Grand Dupont lighters, which was the first public presentation for this line. All participants were able to enjoy the oldest Italian coffee - Caffe Vergnano - throughout the entire morning workshops. San Azul from Atlanta, USA is CSWC's new Tequila partner. This new Tequila is one of the world's fastest growing tequila brands and the NFL's first official tequila sponsor. They also recognized CSWC as an excellent global partner.


Timoty Maurice from Real Azul tequila


Beautiful Real Azul Tequila


Ante Palac, CEO of Croatia Revealed

Croatia Revealed, CSWC main National partner provided some of the best Croatian wine and sparkling wine for the lunch which was tasty aftermath of the whole morning presentations and degustation's. 

Workshops provided an excellent opportunity for all CSWC global partners to receive targeted global promotion of their products in just one morning to some of the most influential cigar and lifestyle community members and opinion makers from around the world.


Radisson Ballrom, full during interesting morning workshops

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