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Belgium hosted CSWC training and introduction session to the newcomers

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-13 at 20.58.57b.jpg

Thomas Gonissenn, official CSWC Judge explaining CSWC rules.

On March the 4th, The Smoking Guns took their first step into the world of CSWC.
As a group they often get together for tastings, pairings or just to have a smoke and talk about food, spirits, music… this time they choose to give a little twist to the pairing. An evening to discover the beautiful world of CSWC with a small presentation and some tips and tricks by CSWC official judge Thomas Gonnissen. But not only for fun this time, this was also a good indicator if there are any serious competitors for the Belgium Championship 2023.

It started out as a little fun but it quickly became clear that the evening sparked an interest in some of the competitors and they took it very serious. Although they were all first timers in the competition, some of the guys found a deep focus into the cigar and managed to come up with decent times:

1 st Yves Renders 1:54:37
2 nd Steven Wouters 1:47:14
3th Marco Pareijn 1:40:35

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-13 at 20.58.57k.jpg

The best one of the racing night with prizes

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-13 at 20.58.57v.jpg

Thomas provided useful advices and tips

With some good training and guidance we might have a potential winner here for this year’s qualifier in Belgium and ticket to Split in his pocket. Yves did a great job staying calm and kept his ash a long time on the cigar. He took his time and kept his attention to his own cigar, same as the other competitors. They all kept their focus and played the game like true gentlemen. Afterwards it was business as usual, tastings some fine wines and smoking cigars. It’s events like these that spark an interest en keeps the competition growing , expanding and getting more people interested and involved. Just having a great time with friends, doing what we love and keeping our business to ourselves… greatest thing on earth.

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