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CSWC implement for the first time ever precision technology for improvement of competition


Hulecos high precision technology brought to the Grand Final - another level for the CSWC

In 2022, CSWC took a giant step forward by including Swiss high precision technology in its competition for the first time. Winning the slow smoking race, particularly the Grand Final, is now more than ever dependent on the competitors' abilities, thanks to the Hulecos company, which became an official partner of the CSWC beginning with the 2022 season.

Like the famous Formula 1, which is always trying to implement technology to make racing more interesting and dependent on drivers' skills, CSWC is making and following that example - we are bringing technology to make winning less about luck and more about skill combined with other elements such as the contestants' focus and mental strength to endure the long focus and concentration that are required to be at a high level to win, especially the grand final.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Hulecos portable humidity device


Grand Final Hulecos system for massive humidity control

Hulecos scientists and engineers create a device that is so precise and reliable in measuring the moisture and condition of the cigar that it becomes a perfect advancement in the CSWC's above-mentioned intentions to focus on the competitors' skills. The technology that measures the general humidity of a cigar in tenths of a percent allows CSWC to eliminate from competition all cigars that fall outside the allowed humidity parameters for competition cigars.


Hulecos scientists and engineers operating with system , making final check prior Grand Final

This allows competitors to avoid selecting cigars that deviate from the ideal in any humidity variant, or, as a last resort, to ensure that the cigars they select are in the same humidity conditions as the cigars of all other competitors. This gives them confidence that, at least in that segment, everyone they compete with has completely identical cigars. In this way, the CSWC eliminates another factor that could previously be attributed to the mere luck of selecting a cigar, and has increased the influence of the contestants' skills to achieve good results and winning situation. CSWC with Hulecos will try to implement this technology through the year in all qualification countries, but for now we are sure that this technology will be used for the ultimate fight - Grand Final 

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