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CSWC calendar is now publish so participants are able to plan their competitions and book flight for Grand Final

CSWC official poster 2023.jpg

Official poster of the Grand Final 2023

Following the spectacular 2nd CSWC Draft night, during which organizers from all over the world confirmed the dates and locations of their CSWC qualifiers and pre qualification events from their respective nations through video calls, the CSWC organization is now posting the official schedule and calendar for the season 2023 including the dates for GRAND FINAL 2023. All places and dates are published on; simply look at the home page, scroll down, or click on the section "season 2023" in the main menu, and it will automatically scroll to the calendar part.

I am very enthusiastic about the new CSWC season and am looking forward to following all of the results from competitors all over the world. I've already purchased my grand final tickets and am looking forward to having a fantastic time and experiencing the ultimate excitement at the grand final 2023. - Rocky Patel, CEO RP


Section on the CSWC NEWS  web site which present official CSWC calendar 2023 where you can get all info

On the photo above, you can see how a section of the website with a calendar appears. Each county has visible dates and a "info" SIGN on which when you click on it you can discover that specific country appearance and the button "GET PROGRAM INFO". By clicking on that button, you will be able to obtain all information on that specific country, including a program and route to the tickets if you want purchase them. All that information's will be mailed to you. Other information visible on that page is ready to be filled with all results and information once the tournament is over, so that all information on times and winners for that particular country is clear and apparent immediately after competition.

R (10).jpeg

New CSWC country -Montenegro


New CSWC country - Kazakhstan

R (3).jpeg

New CSWC country -Armenia

The grand final dates have also been announced: the Grand Final will take place from September 1st to September 3rd, 2023. Dates for the grand final have also been released; it will occur from September 1 to September 3, 2023. The formal program with open registration will be ready by the end of May, although registration is not yet open. The Grand Final this year will be extremely limited, so it is advised that anyone who wants to be certain that they will participate in the Grand Final experience to book as soon as registration opens their places. This is due to the already tremendous interest and reserved places that have already been booked for upcoming national champions.


More than 70 tournaments, including all qualification events and pre qualification events, make up the largest-ever season in 2023. The CSWC family expanded to include new nations like Kosovo, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Montenegro. With Grand final, all together there will be more than 2300 competitors in the season 2023.

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