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Another spectacular cigar night were delivered by Porsche and Club Mareva 


Marko Bilic, host of the evening with special guest Jeremy Casdagli

Cigar Club Mareva and Porsche Inter Auto created another unforgettable cigar night in Croatia's capital, Zagreb. The greatest clients and partners of Porsche Centar Zagreb were able to enjoy the true atmosphere of New York style cigar evenings, which were successfully provided to all guests by Marko Bilic in the environment of the famous Johann Franck restaurant and bar.

We are ecstatic that Porsche Inter Auto has recognized Club Mareva as a significant partner in providing a special and unique cigar experience to their most exclusive clients and partners. Club Mareva is all about offering a fantastic experience through an exceptional product such as a cigar and all that surrounds it. - Marko Bilic, Club Mareva president and founder


Presentation of the Spalato No2 Cigar


Kolja Kukuk as special guest of the evening

Special guests that evening included international and local members of the Club Mareva who are influential persons in the cigar and hospitality industries. As a result, Jeremy Casdagly, a founding member of the Club Mareva, gave the Casdagli Club Mareva Splato No2 cigar, which was designed by Marko Bilic and represents Jeremy and Marko's unique cooperation and friendship. Kolja Kukuk Club Mareva member from Germany, as well as Rocky Patel cigars Europe sales director, were in attendance and he presented RP cigars. all cigars was delivered and secured from Club Mareva great partner - Legenda promet


Ante palac, founder of the Croatia Revealed, one of the main partners


casdagli club Mareva Spalato no2 cigar


CEO of the Porsche Center Zagreb - Hrvoje Lapic welcoming all guests

Ante Palac, a Mareva member from Zagreb and the founder of the well-known Croatia Revealed company, sponsored the entire night with some of Croatia's finest wines. Coca-Cola partnered with us to provide great spirits at the end of the evening. Hrvoje Lapic, CEO of Porsche Center Zagreb, officially welcomed all visitors and cut the first Club Mareva Spalato cigar of the evening. Mr. Amar Foco, GM of Johann franck, offered excellent service in his restaurant, to the point where by the conclusion of the evening, all customers were already asking when the next one would be. The collaboration between Club Mareva, Porsche Center Zagreb, and Johann franck will shortly provide an answer to that question.


Beautiful ambiance of this memorable cigar evening


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