Sperlinga Tasting Tours and Events company is bringing the CSWC back to the cigar heartland.


CSWC is coming back to the homeland of many famous cigar brands

The Cigar World Smoking Competition 2022 in its regional and national editions will be celebrated for the first time in Dominican Republic, the organization of the event will be carried out by Sperlinga Tasting Tours and Events company, run by Dorin Potolinca and Danays Leon.  

During the recent past years, the amount of cigar aficionados and enthusiasts, both men and women, has increased exponentially in the Dominican Republic, there are several Cigar Clubs who contribute to the learning and fostering of the industry and the community, and they are essential in the materialization of these events. 

Danays Leon who became Official Judge of the CSWC in June 2021 will be performing such role. About this she has expressed: 

I am very honored for this opportunity and for the ongoing support of Marko Bilic and the CSWC organizing and judges’ team. I’d like to also thank the members of the industry and the community who support the event and I look forward to others to join us in this endeavor. I look forward to this event to become a success and to be permanently celebrated in Dominican Republic, it will be a starting point for having a Dominican representative from now on in every World edition of the competition in Split, Croatia. - Danays Leon, Founder of Sperlinga Tasting Tours and Events company,


Danays has it successful cigar brand - Sperlinga Cigars


With Mr Potolinca-Partners in love and in passion toward cigars

The organizing company has started working with some sponsors and the cigar community to officially announce the regional and national events schedule shortly. A series of seminars will be held to prepare the competitors.


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