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Croatian company which as supporter of the CSWC offered to the guests of the Grand Final, some of the best Croatian ptoducts

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Croatia Revealed logo on the CSWC cruiser

Ante Palac is the name of one of the Club Mareva's newest members, as well as one of the most committed to the club's activities. Because one of the club's primary activities is the organization of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, he lent his company's complete support to the Grand Final. Croatia Revealed was created out of a desire to provide some of the greatest flavors that Croatia as a country has to offer, and he offer that to all participants and guests of the CSWCGrand Final

Club Mareva and CSWC are two of the most impressive enterprises Croatia has given and presented to the cigar community. As the creator of Croatia Revealed and a loyal member of the Club Mareva, it was vital to me to provide guests from all over the globe with a taste of the greatest Croatian products. Croatia Revealed wishes to demonstrate that Croatia is a tiny nation with a lot to offer in terms of quality of it's natural products.- Ante Palac, Croatia Revealed Founder

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Premium Croatian sparkling wine - Barun

Friday (25).jpg

Karbun -awarded top premium Croatian Gin

Despite the fact that Mr Palac is still in his early twenties, his unquenchable aspirations and the force of dreams propelled him into the business world in 2019, when he founded firm Z with the goal of combining his love and job. He has been striving for excellence and growth on a daily basis since he was a child. His education consisted of a combination of hard work and gaining experience at the top Croatian restaurants and hotels. He aspires to be the greatest at everything he does and what he creates. He passes many seminars and additional schools to be top professional in his job. Croatia Revealed was result of this efforts.


Degustation of Aura Grapas with Aura Chocolate

Friday (27).jpg

Tomaz wines - one of the best Croatian wines


Tasting of the Aura Biska from magnum bottle

It is a firm that sells some of Craotia's greatest goods, including Tomaz wines, Barun sparkling wines, Aura liqueurs, biskas, and unique grapas, as well as the Karbun-awarded Premium Gin. All of these items were sampled over the Grand Final weekend, where visitors were treated to unique combinations and degustations that put a grin on their faces. All of these goods are top-of-the-line, and they were an excellent option for the Grand Final's unique three days. Ante also incorporated Truffle goods from the Karlic family and top-quality olive oil from the Inistria firm in his Croatia Revealed enterprise.Ante's goal was that all of these high-quality, one-of-a-kind goods should be available to the entire globe, not just the local market. That is why Croatia Revealed was established and continues to exist. Ante fulfilled his objective, providing a personal touch of experience to all clients visiting Croatia, with a robust web shop and the ability to deliver anywhere in the world.

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