Pernod Ricard from the very first year recognized CSWC as project they should support.

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Marko Benkovic from PR making sabrage with Mumm's Champagne for opening ceremony of Grand Final 2021 

It all began more than a decade ago, when CSWC was merely a baby notion that Pernod Ricard quickly accepted and recognized as a viable concept capable of maturing into a serious concept. But it was Mr. Lovre Trumbic, a classmate of Marko Bilic's, who created the initial introduction between Marko and Jurica Munitic, director of the Martell for the Dalmatian region, who was responsible for that recognition. He was the crucial figure; from the first meeting, he sensed Bilic's enthusiasm and vision, and he was the spark that ignited the partnership's success.

Without Pernod Ricard, the Cigar Smoking World Championship would not be where it is today. Even if PR's product is not a direct part of the cigar industry, it is inextricably linked to it as part of the marriage that provides another level of enjoyment. For more than a decade, PR has provided full support and joy to all CSWC participants and guests.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Martell Cohiba cognac specially labeled for the first CSWC  final


After Martell, Chivas took patronage over CSWC until 2017

Martell was the first Pernod Ricard brand to cover the CSWC. The response was overwhelming, and certain exclusive products were made available, including a special bottle of Martell Cohiba cognac with a golden plate honoring the first ever CSWC and the inaugural CSWC auction. That bottle was purchased at auction by Dejan Pain, a Slovenian cigar connoisseur who became a frequent visitor to the CSWC, never missing even one of the Grand Finals. (Due to Covid limits, there will be only one in 2021.)


Ivan Mazuranic, honorable vice president of the club Mareva on the Grand Finale 2013


Hrvoje Rodin, director of PR and great CSWC supportrer during Grand Final 2016


Alexandr Gorokhovskiy, brought havana Club as partner of the CSWC for the 2017-2019

Following Mr. Munitic's departure from PR, a new visionary arrived, and he was a game changer - MR Branko Kicema, PR's Sales Director at the time, was a true inspiration, and he became more than just a supporter of CSWC. Not only did he complete the CSWC requirements, but he also contributed some outstanding concept ideas to the cSWC. As a result, he received the CSWC Diamond Leaf Award for best sponsor in 2014. Mr Branko swapped Martell for Chivas Regal, which has surpassed CSWC in popularity. Dario Pavelin, the regional director for PR and a fundadores member of the Club Mareva, was a strong supporter too


Branko Kiceman, former PR director Croatia (lbluse shirt in the middle) during show moments  - Grand final CSWC 2013

Following Branko, Mr Sinisa Komenovic arrived, who continued to support Chivas. After Sinisa, came Hrvoje Rodin, the PR Director who has done so much for CSWC and Club Mareva, provided the ultimate support till today. His support was vital and strong, and when combined with his professionalism and personality, he became CSWC a family friend. Of course, there was also worldwide support from wonderful CSWC friend Alexandr Gorokhovskiy, who offered Havana Club Rum on a global scale. CSWC has returned to Chivas Regal. Overall, it's an incredible collaboration and camaraderie between wonderful people from Pernod Ricard and CSWC that has now become a long-standing tradition. Certainly, with new great people from Pernod Ricard as Alan Bubanovic and Marko Benkovic we can look forward to even more enjoyment from this wonderful friendship and cooperation.


Sinisa Komenovic and Dario Pavelin from PR during CSWC Grand Final 2014


Branko Kiceman recieving CSWC awardfor the best CSWC sponsor

Chivas and CSWC - partnership today