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CSWC Finland at the famous private Kirja Club, under the supervision and judging of CSWC Judge Petteri Patjas

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Paul Kauste (right) in close battle for title of Finish champion with Matti Vesala

The qualification tournament for the CSWC was recently held in Finland, at the famous private Kirja Club, under the supervision and judging of CSWC Judge Petteri Patjas. This year's event was bigger than ever before, with competitors from all over Finland vying for a chance to represent their country in the global championship. After a grueling competition, the title of champion went to Paul Kaste, who is not only a friend of the Cigar Smoking World Championship but also a former champion of Finland.

Paul is a true champion of the CSWC, and it's great to see him back on top,- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder

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Nikko E. Sarri (next to the window) former champion of Finland lost his fire after 40 minutes.

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There were 30 competitors on CSWC Finland and as always Petteri keep it as great fun

Kaste's victory was hard-fought, with second-place finisher Matti Vesala coming in less than two minutes behind him. And in third place was Mikael Aminoff, who put up an impressive showing as well.

In conclusion, the Cigar Smoking World Championship qualification tournament in Finland was a huge success, with Paul Kaste being crowned as the champion. The event showcased the passion and dedication of cigar enthusiasts from all over Finland and demonstrated why the CSWC is one of the most exciting and prestigious events in the cigar smoking world.

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30 competitors filled up private Kirja Club in slowest race on planet.

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