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Kazakhstan has joined the CSWC family with great victory of Anastasiya Arsenova


First ever CSWC qualifier in Kazakhstan brought cigar aficionados from four countries together

Almaty's "Sadu" restaurant hosted Kazakhstan's first-ever CSWC, and friends from four nations are visiting the Kazakhstan Cigar Club for this historic tournament. The first CSWC in Kazakhstan began intensely - Already in the fourth minute, the representative of Belarus, Vladimir Sergeyev, drops ashes and receives a massive penalty, but he was trying to keep fire, which was extremely difficult due to a large drop in temperature in the cigar after loosing the ash, and this meant the end of fire for Vladimir after 7 minutes.

I am extremely delighted that CSWC has become more wealthy for yet another cigar community - the Kazakhstan cigar community. I can't wait to meet these amazing people in person and enjoy some nice cigars with them.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-10 at 14.16.39.jpg

Anastasiya Arsenova marked one more great CSWC victory 

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Great atmosphere on the CSWC Kazakhstan

Another ten players dropped out of the competition over the next 50 minutes. Only 7 of the 19 players went over the 1-hour time restriction. In one and a half hours, Azerbaijan's young representative, Ayhan Asgarov, who was in direct rivalry with the leader, Anastasia Arsenova, dropped out. Azer Mirtagavi, the most experienced member of the Azerbaijani team, ended at 1:40:07, having gained third place. The second finisher was Aktau's Ogtay Jabarov (2:01:17), who had crossed the two-hour mark. Anastasia Arsenova, the champion of CSWC Kazakhstan's first qualifying event, smoked alone for about 50 minutes. The final time of the first CSWC Kazakhstan Champion is 2:50:02.

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Oktay Jabarov, 2nd positioned during focus on his fire

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-10 at 14.16.37t.jpg

Azer Mirtagavi, 3d positioned with nice ash construction

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Challenge and fun - that is CSWC

Overall, the CSWC Kazakhsta was a huge success. The tournament was entirely in the spirit of fair play, as judged by Evgenij Zhidkov. CSWC Kazakhstan provided excellent smoking conditions, and Kazakhstan currently holds three positions on the TOP 20 list of the season's finest smokers, which is an outstanding performance.  It is also the season's first Woman national champion title. Bravo Anastasiya

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-10 at 14.16.36t.jpg

CSWC Kazakhstan ladies who performed amazingly on the first ever CSWC challange


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