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Are we facing one of the biggest CSWC names ever? Time will show


the best of the best of USA - Drew "Silent Hunter" Emch 1st Place(Left), Barret Johnson 2nd Place(Center Left), Mose "Iron Man"  Ramieh 3rd Place(Center Right), and Dan Thorson 4th Place(Right)

Hailing from the United States, Drew Emch has firmly entrenched himself in the annals of cigar smoking history, following in the illustrious footsteps of legends like Darren Cioffy, another American who achieved greatness in the CSWC. Drew's journey towards becoming a cigar smoking icon has been nothing short of remarkable, as he has achieved milestones that place him among the elite of the slow smoking fraternity.

Drew's remarkable achievements include surpassing the coveted three-hour mark of smoking endurance, furthermore he managed to enter elite of  top three positions during the grand finals what demonstrates his mastery over the art of slow smoking. One cannot overlook his place among the top 20 greatest smokers of all time, proudly flying the American flag alongside his name.

We're undoubtedly facing here  with a new CSWC mega star, possibly one of the best ever - time will show up, but for sure he has everything for it: courage, patience, skill, and talent, not to mention incredible competition will - Marko Bilic CSWC founder

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the USA finalist facing eachother

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Barett in full focus on his burning line

The recently concluded CSWC USA Qualifier served as a testament to Drew's prowess and dedication. Going head-to-head against the finest slow smokers in the nation, Drew clinched victory, defending his title as the USA champion. However, the battle was fierce, and the competition intense. Barret Johnson, a formidable contender, secured second place, while Mose Ramiah the "Iron Man" claimed a well-earned third. A captivating twist unfolded as Drew secured his triumph by a  minute after Barret's cigar met an untimely end, when he called out even he still has cigar to smoke, but here happened aww moment when Drew said that he purposely stopped his time, just to keep secret what he is keeping for Grand Final.

Mose Ramiah's astonishing smoking time of 2 hours and 42 minutes further highlighted the level of skill exhibited by the finalists. An intriguing revelation emerged as the USA solidified its dominance in the CSWC rankings, boasting three names among the top 20 smokers of the season. Drew Emch's victory was a testament to his mastery, but it also presented a compelling question to the cigar smoking community - what more can he accomplish on the grandest stage of them all?


Gregory Dourde, CEO of Hulecos was personaly there to check US final competition cigars


Drew Emch, champion of USA


Amazing "Iron Man" Mose Ramieh in action

With Drew Emch's awe-inspiring performance at the USA finale, the anticipation for the CSWC grand final has reached a fever pitch. The Apex Cigar Lounge, the nurturing ground for Drew's talent and passion, deserves hearty congratulations for fostering a champion of such caliber. As the CSWC community eagerly awaits the ultimate showdown, one cannot help but wonder if Drew Emch is destined to etch his name in history as the world champion, solidifying his status as the best slow smoker the USA has ever produced.

In a world that constantly races against time, where the fleeting moments pass unnoticed, the Cigar Slow Smoking World Championship stands as a reminder that true mastery requires patience, precision, and a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Drew Emch, the "Silent Hunter," continues to embody these principles, captivating the hearts of cigar enthusiasts and inspiring a new generation to embrace the art of slow smoking with fervor and dedication.

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Hulecos CSWC technology for making slow smoking race perfect as much it can be - close to perfection

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