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Gilded Dreams and Cigar Smoke: Unveiling the Riches of CSWC Grand Final Prizes - Part One


World Champion Ring: A legacy of ultimate victory

At the heart of this dazzling array of rewards is the World Champion ring, a tangible symbol of triumph that encircles the finger with pride. Handcrafted to perfection, this ring serves as a lasting legacy of the ultimate victory – a circular testament to the slow smoking mastery achieved on the grand stage.


Timeless Elegance: Cuervo y Sobrinos Watches

In the world of CSWC Grand Final prizes, horological elegance takes center stage. The latest model of the coveted Cuervo y Sobrinos most-wanted watch graces the wrist of the deserving champion. Its exquisite design echoes the precision and patience required in the world of slow smoking. For the best woman, a new model of Cuervo y Sobrinos ladies' watch stands as a symbol of both modernity and timeless elegance.


French perfection: Les Fines Lames

As the contenders ready themselves for the ultimate showdown, they know that beyond the applause and accolades, a realm of exquisite treasures awaits. The Golden Damascus Le Petit knife, the punch Bracelet, and the CSWC blue Le Petit Cigar knives will forever serve as tokens of their achievement – a constant reminder that mastery, dedication, and camaraderie are the true rewards of the CSWC journey.

Picture the moment: the tension in the air is palpable as the competitors gather for the grand culmination of their journey. The anticipation is matched only by the allure of the prizes that await them. At the summit of the grandeur stands the coveted St Dupont Grand Dupont lighter, a symbol of refined elegance. Yet, this is no ordinary lighter; it is set to be transformed into a masterpiece by the deft hands of Dupont's master craftsmen. Engraved and personalized with the name of the reigning World Champion, this light will forever carry the legacy of victory - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


St Dupont Grand Dupont gold Lighter: A Masterpiece of Personalized Elegance

At the heart of the Grand Final prizes is the St Dupont Grand Dupont lighter, a testament to the legacy of craftsmanship. This exquisite lighter will transcend its status as a mere object, becoming a personal masterpiece. Hand-engraved and personalized with the name of the World Champion by St Dupont's main handcraft master, it captures the essence of victory and sophistication. The glimmer of silver and gold on its surface reflects the dedication and finesse of the CSWC competitors.


Silver and Xtreme Dupont Lighters: The Emblem of Triumph

For those who secure second and third place, the journey is no less grand. The Silver Grand Dupont lighter and the Xtreme Dupont lighter signify not only their achievement but also their commitment to excellence. These lighters are more than instruments; they are the embodiment of the grit and skill that propelled them to victory

Elegance Unveiled: Platinum and Brushed Gold for Best Woman

The celebration extends to all facets of the competition, and for the best woman contender, an opulent platinum and brushed gold St Dupont lighter awaits. This treasure encapsulates femininity and strength, a perfect complement to the unwavering determination exhibited by the female competitors.

Le Grand ST DUPONT Cling C23009 (1080 × 1350 px).png

The Ultimate Covet: Rocky Patel White Label Humidor

For the champion, a true aficionado's delight awaits – the Rocky Patel White Label humidor, a sanctuary for treasured cigars. Bursting with the finest blends, it's a testament to the champion's triumph, a legacy that can be enjoyed and shared for years to come.

Luxurious Holding: Limited Edition Cigar Etui by Rocky Patel

Securing second place comes with its own touch of opulence – a genuine leather limited edition cigar etui by Rocky Patel. This treasure is a tribute to the bond between a cigar and its connoisseur, offering a luxurious embrace to the deserving contender.

The CSWC Grand Final prizes are more than tokens of victory; they are relics of passion, skill, and camaraderie. As the champions rise to claim their rewards, they hold not just luxury but a piece of the CSWC legacy in their hands. And this, my friends, is merely the first part of a treasure trove that awaits those who excel in the world of slow-smoking mastery. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of the rest of the spoils that will crown the CSWC champions.

The World Champion Bone by HENK

Everything you need when travelingwith cigars! Space for six cigars, your lighter, cutter, scissors and matches. Perfect humidification with boveda® within the two integrated, removable cigar cases, both designed to store three cigars with a ring gauge of max. 60 and a length of max. 19 cm or 16 cm for the RT versions. Lastly, the bone comes with an integrated ashtray.  All this with incredibly small measurements

Hulecos: Elevating Cigar Enjoyment Through Swiss Technological Excellence"

In the world of cigars, where the balance of craftsmanship and enjoyment is paramount, innovation takes on a new dimension. Hulecos, with its deep-rooted expertise in both cigars and technology, is pioneering a mission to redefine the cigar experience. Through their meticulous approach to creation, development, and manufacturing, they are shaping a new era of cigar enjoyment.

Le Grand ST DUPONT Cling C23009 (1080 × 1350 px) (1) (1).png
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