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**"Unveiling the Contenders: Get Acquainted with the Leading Contenders for the Upcoming Final, Starting with Hauke Walter, the German 'Ice Man'

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Hauke Walter in the moment of his biggest slow smoking triumph - winning of World Champion title.

In the underground realm of cigar aficionados, the name Walter Hauke resonates like a legend. This five-time German champion in slow smoking, who transformed his leisurely indulgence into an art form, has tales that seep deep into the roots of cigar culture.

Born in the bustling year of 1965 in Germany, Walter isn't just a master of slow smoking. An independent sales representative by profession, he thrives in his various passions: the culinary arts, motorcycling, cycling, and rigorous gym sessions. He's the embodiment of someone who doesn’t simply exist but truly lives. Married with two grown children, Walter paints the picture of a man deeply content with life, ever ready to delve into the nuances of his interests.

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Hauke is great gemtlaman and true cigar aficionado

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Hauke cherish moments of cigar  friendship, always active in global CSWC activities

His affair with cigars began at the tender age of 18. Over the years, his taste has refined and evolved, having cultivated an expansive knowledge base encompassing the myriad countries of origin, distinctive brands, and unique formats. While he has a penchant for cigars birthed from the soils of the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, Walter’s mantra remains: the best cigar is the last one he savored. He's an aficionado who truly appreciates the elegance of a visible glow on a cigar’s exterior and shuns spicy foods before indulging, to preserve the authentic taste.

In 2004, Walter entered an exclusive realm: a local cigar club, an elite establishment that welcomes a mere 50 gentlemen. It’s within these walls, amidst the haze of cigar smoke and intellectual discourse, that Walter found camaraderie. Since 2017, he’s been a towering figure in the German championship of slow smoking, with an enviable track record of clinching every preliminary round.


Yet, his crowning glory was in 2018. Walter ventured into the grand arena of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) and clinched the world title on his debut. This wasn't just a personal achievement but a milestone that transformed his life. Through the CSWC, a universe of global friendships opened up, thanks to visionaries like Marko Bilic, the CSWC's founder, whom Walter holds in high regard.

While Walter's accolades could easily intoxicate one's ego, he remains grounded. Rituals? He has none, except to ensure his palate remains untainted by other cigars or spicy foods before a competition. His respect for fellow competitors is profound, especially legends like Oleg Pedan, Darren Cioffi, and Igor Kovacic. Walter’s dream? A resurgence of these retired legends.

44299798_2057794544276996_8435065334095937536_n - Copy.jpg

Hauke congratulate to Alexander Shagai for great fight he provide for World Champion title when Hauke needs to push to very limits to beat this stunning competitor


Moment of glory -  Cigar Trophy moment

Health for Walter isn't confined to the gym; it's a holistic approach, merging physical activities with mental tranquility derived from slow smoking. He's a vocal critic of the stifling regulations around smoking, viewing them as overreaches into an art form.

Yet, at the heart of Walter's journey lies a deep-seated love for camaraderie. Ask him about his illustrious career and he'll steer the conversation towards friendships and his "family" from the cigar club. Tales from his experiences are numerous, each more captivating than the last, revealing a man not defined by his victories but by the bonds he’s forged.

Walter Hauke, the maestro of slow smoking, continues to inspire. Not just as a champion, but as a beacon for those who seek passion, friendship, and the true essence of life.

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Hauke Walter  - true friend and favorite among international cigar CSWC community

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