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The journey towards mastery and camaraderie takes an extraordinary turn as we delve into the second part of the Grand Final's treasures.


Turin Time Chase challangers in their first experience with CSWC competition

As the countdown to the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) Grand Final intensifies, the excitement reaches a crescendo, fueled not only by the anticipation of the slow smoking showdown but also by the remarkable array of prizes that await the ultimate victors. The journey towards mastery and camaraderie takes an extraordinary turn as we delve into the second part of the Grand Final's treasures.

Cigar Journal -  Global Fame and Recognition:

The grandest of champions deserves an equally grand stage. The World Champion of the Cigar Smoking World Championship will shine under the spotlight of fame as they secure an exclusive and extensive interview in the world's most illustrious cigar journal magazine. This accolade transcends borders, ensuring that the world knows their name and celebrates their triumph.


Ashes up and focus on  during Time Chase Turin


CSWC Turin was truly in Italian style - from venue to the competitors

Boveda Brilliance:

Elevating the art of cigar preservation, the champion will receive a Boveda starter humidor pack. This innovative solution guarantees that their competition cigar remains in optimal condition, maintaining its flavor and freshness. Additionally, a famous poster featuring the champion's iconic photograph adorned with the phrase "For My Humidor, I Use Boveda" will proudly grace their collection.


A Royal Retreat:

Luxury knows no bounds as the champion is treated to a weekend of opulence at the Radisson Blu Split, a 5-star hotel that epitomizes sophistication. Amidst this lavish abode, the victor can savor their triumph and revel in the comforts befitting a true champion.


Sailing into Glory:

The prize list extends to the seas as well, with a daily mega yacht trip around the enchanting Adriatic islands. An all-inclusive journey, this voyage promises to be a sensory delight, offering the champion a chance to unwind amidst breathtaking vistas and the soothing embrace of the sea. Be as true champion with your accompanied person on this huge 45 meter long sailing yacht

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VIP Entry to the Premier Event:

Lastly, the champion is granted three VIP World Champion tickets for the Intertabac tobacco fair. This exclusive access to a premier event opens doors to networking, discovery, and celebration, cementing the champion's place as a respected figure in the realm of cigars.

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