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CSWC JUDGE ASSOCIATION  opened applications for new judge positions


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In the realm where passion intertwines with expertise, a prestigious opportunity awaits those who savor the exciting moments in life. The Cigar Smoking World Championship is thrilled to announce the opening of applications for new judge positions, offering aficionados a chance to be a part of a celebrated tradition that transcends boundaries.

As we entering new zear and with that and new CSWC season, we extend an invitation to individuals with wish to experience excitement, fun and global championship judge responsibility and importance. The journey to become a judge is a pathway to immersing yourself in the world of cigars excitement, competitiveness, refinement, and the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts.

Key Dates to Remember:

Nominations Deadline: 15th December 2023
Online Training Session: 4th January 2024
Judge Test Date: 9th January 2024

All training sessions and tests will be conducted seamlessly through the virtual  via Zoom. After accepted application, CSWC Judge Association will send all Judge training guidelines to each candidate via email.

Why Become a Cigar Smoking World Championship Judge?

Global Recognition: As a judge, you become an integral part of an international community that celebrates the art of cigar smoking. Your expertise will be acknowledged globally.

Refinement and Culture: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of global cigar culture, expanding your knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship behind slow smoking challenge and cigar culture generally

Exclusive Access: Enjoy exclusive access to events, gatherings, and insider insights within the elite circles of the CSWC and CSWC Judge Association

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow judges, industry experts, and aficionados, building a network that spans borders and generations.

Contribute to Excellence: Your role as a judge shapes the trajectory of the championship, ensuring that only the finest contenders rise to the top.


1. Visit our official website at CSWCNEWS.COM to access the online application form WHICH IS LOCATED ON LOWER LEVEL OF THE WEBPAGE UNDER SECTION "JUDGES CORNER"

2. Complete the nomination process before the 15th of December 2023.
3. Prepare for an enriching online training session on the 4th of January 2024.
4. Showcase your skills in the Judge Test on the 9th of January 2024.

The journey to becoming a Cigar Smoking World Championship judge is not just an application; it's an experience that elevates your passion for cigars to new heights. Join us in shaping the future of cigar excellence and indulge in a world where every puff is an art form.

Note: Ensure to check the official website for detailed instructions and updates. Cheers to a year of unparalleled excellence!

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