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Kazakhstan's CSWC indicates that they have emerged as one of the most active CSWC nations.

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CSWC Kazakhstan attracts serious and active members of their national cigar community

On the shore of the Caspian Sea, in the city of Aktau, the TIME CHASE tournament of the Kazakhstan Championship under CSWC rules took place. Kazakhstan cigar community decided this year to tell as many inhabitants of its huge country (2 million 725 thousand square kilometers) as possible about the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC). And it was decided to start this way in the westernmost city of the country - Aktau. During 2023-2024 it is planned to hold several more qualifying tournaments in the largest cities of Kazakhstan, and then in the summer of 2024 to invite the best participants to the Kazakhstan CSWC Championship in Astana.   

      In addition to the representatives of Aktau, the Tournament was attended by guests from the largest city of the country Almaty and the capital of the state Astana, as well as guests from the capital of Azerbaijan Baku. 

We are so happy and honored to see that beautiful countries in this part of the world provide so much CSWC activities  and excitements. We are so proud on our judge Evgeniy Zhidkov who made this possible- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder

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Picking up competition cigar

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CSWC Copetition cigar ready to be selected and lighted up

      Participants of the Tournament were hosted by Speak Easy Lounge "Pecora Nera", which has already become a home for Aktau cigar makers.  20 participants, as well as guests of the tournament were comfortably seated in the chairs and began the fight, which for many of them was the first experience in tournaments on long-term cigar smoking. Nevertheless, twelve of them smoked for more than an hour, which is an excellent result. Nevertheless, only three representatives of Kazakhstan managed to get out for an hour and a half and get into the top six, competing with three guests from Baku. Experience of participation in tournaments and "understanding" of a fine cigar of the Championship, brought Sattar Kazimov (1:36:40) to the third place, the second was Ruslan Fatullayev (1:38:10), who had all chances to compete with the winner, but distracted just for a moment and extinguished. And the champion of the time Chase tournament was Azer Mirtagavi with the result 1:51:22. 

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Great atmosphere was guaranteed on CSWC Kazakhstan

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Evgeniy ZhidkovWC international judge, the man behind great promotion of the CSWC.

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Guests were enjoyed in great evening and great cigars

     Two ladies received separate awards of the tournament: Lazzat Takhmetova - the best result among ladies -1:11:43, and Gulsat Kemesheva - as the best beginner of the Championship -1:01:03).
      One of the largest exporters of "heavy" alcohol in Kazakhstan, "Monte Bianco" company, which presented "Santaren", "Diplomatico" and "Matusalem" rums for tasting by the participants. Azerbaijani Winery "Meysari", which pleased the participants with white, red and pink wines. And Kazakhstan Cigar Club, which provided ashtrays and humidor as prizes of the Championship.

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The best ones of the CSWc Time Chase Kazakhstan 


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