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Cigar Journal Magazine Unveils the Grandeur of Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Final 

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Opening double page of article in Cigar Journal magazine

In the world of premium cigars and the art of smoking, no event captures the essence of skill, precision, and camaraderie quite like the Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Final. The recent edition of Cigar Journal Magazine has dedicated an impressive six-page spread to provide readers with an in-depth look at this prestigious event, featuring an exclusive interview with the reigning World Champion, Hauke Walter, as well as insightful conversations with the event's main sponsor, Rocky Patel, and founder Marko Bilic.

The Cigar Smoking World Championship Grand Final is a celebration of skill, endurance, and passion for the art of cigar smoking. Cigar Journal's journalist Simon Lundh made in-depth coverage captured the essence of the event, transporting readers to the heart of the competition. Simon spared no detail, providing a vivid recount of the thrilling moments that unfolded during this grand spectacle. - Pierre Gustavsson, CSWC Judge

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Cigar Journal cover page

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Marko Jug, Marko Bilic and Rocky Patel 

Cigar enthusiasts were treated to exclusive interviews with two key figures who played pivotal roles in making the Grand Final a resounding success – World Champion Hauke Walter and main sponsor Rocky Patel. The interviews shed light on the behind-the-scenes excitement, the competitors' mindset, and the dedication required to reach the pinnacle of cigar smoking excellence.

World Champion's Perspective: Hauke Walter's Triumph:

Cigar Journal secured an exclusive interview with the newly crowned World Champion, Hauke Walter. Walter shared his thoughts on the competition, his preparation, and the emotions he experienced during the Grand Final. Readers gain insights into the mindset of a champion, learning about the dedication and passion that propelled Walter to victory.

Behind the Scenes with Rocky Patel: Sponsorship and Passion for Cigar Culture:

Cigar Journal also sat down with Rocky Patel, the main sponsor of the event. The interview explores Patel's commitment to promoting the cigar culture and his thoughts on the significance of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. Patel's perspective adds depth to the magazine's coverage, offering readers a glimpse into the world of a renowned cigar industry leader.

Marko Bilic: The Visionary Founder's Reflection:

Additionally, the magazine provides readers with an interview featuring Marko Bilic, the visionary founder of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. Bilic's reflections on the event's growth, its impact on the cigar community, and his vision for the future contribute to the comprehensive narrative presented by Cigar Journal.

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Great interview with Rocky regarding Grand Final 2023

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For the first time ever Cigar Journal provided short interview with World Champion

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Detailed insights of the Grand Final 

Adding a festive touch to this amazing gift that CSWC recieved from Cigar Journal magazine, CSWC expressed gratitude for the heartwarming Christmas and New Year wishes received from some of the CSWC's main global sponsors. CSWC  acknowledged the invaluable support of these sponsors, emphasizing the sense of community and shared joy that permeates the world of premium cigar aficionados during the holiday season. Here they are - Video greetings from our global sponsors.

Katharina Kreft from Cigar Journal

Massimo Rossi - Cuervo y Sobrinos

Lucien VOUILLAMOZ - Hulecos

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