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CSWC witnessed an unexpected twist with the remarkable performances of Tormod Skaaraas and Rolf Broch from Norway

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Tormod Skaaraas confirmed on the grand final with his 5th position that his great performance at CSWC Norway was not just a fortuitous punch.

In the world of cigar smoking, where precision, focus, and endurance are key, the 2023 Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWc) witnessed an unexpected twist with the remarkable performances of Tormod Skaaraas and Rolf Broch from Norway. These two individuals have not only surprised the CSWc community but have also become emblematic of the potential for astonishing smoking times with dedicated training and unwavering focus.

Tormod Skaaraas, a newcomer to the cigar smoking scene, left an indelible mark on the CSWc world by showcasing an astonishing smoking time of over 3 hours. His impressive feat serves as compelling evidence that even those new to the competition can ascend to the upper echelons of slow smoking with the right training and dedication. Tormod's achievement has sparked excitement and curiosity, proving that newcomers possess the capacity to disrupt the established order and introduce an element of surprise and tension among the world's best slow smokers.

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CSWC Norway - one of the best competitions of the season

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Rolf and Tormod with legendary Norwegian judges after stunning results in season 2023

On the flip side, Rolf Broch represents the epitome of old-school progress within the CSWc arena. With multiple Norwegian championships under his belt and years of experience in competitive cigar smoking, Rolf has consistently demonstrated his prowess. In the 2023 season, Rolf solidified his status as one of the top 20 smokers globally, achieving an extraordinary smoking time of over 3 hours. His journey underscores the enduring power of experience and perseverance in the world of slow smoking.

What makes Tormod and Rolf's achievements even more remarkable is that they belong to an exclusive group of only 17 individuals on the planet who have managed to smoke a mareva-sized cigar for more than 3 hours. This feat speaks volumes about the exceptional skills and determination possessed by these two Norwegians.

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Rolph and Tormod under sharp judge eyes during final moments o qualifier for Norway

In conclusion, the performances of Tormod Skaaraas and Rolf Broch at the 2023 CSWc have not only surprised the cigar smoking community but have also shattered preconceived notions about who can excel in this challenging competition. Whether a newcomer like Tormod or a seasoned veteran like Rolf, their stories exemplify that with the right blend of training, dedication, and focus, anyone can attain remarkable smoking times and etch their names in the history of slow smoking.

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