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Firenze prequalify round was a great success, and an excellent introduction for those that will participate in the Italian final


35 Italian cigar competitors in the start of the slowest race on the planet

Florence is an Italian city renowned for its artistic and cultural heritage. But now it will be remembered in the CSWC season 2023 by great competition which took place on Thursday 18 May, when this city hosted the qualifying round of a great competition. 

The day started by the participants gathering at stunning Villa Viviani, where they enjoyed a sumptuous dinner in good company. The atmosphere was lively and the conversations engaging. After dinner, the group moved to a room specifically designed for this competition.

 “It was a great evening and I'm proud to see how our members are improving. The competition was very fierce and I'm proud to witness it.”  - Aurelio Tufano, CSWC Judge

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 19.39.15.jpg

Hotel Villa Viviani was dream location for CSWC experience


The best ones of the CSWC Firenze

All competitors was hosted and welcomed by very important people from Italian cigar community  -  by Fabrizio Borgioli the president of the local Gentleman Cigar Club Le Cigaro’ and also President of the Italian Cigar Club Association and his great team which are the organizer of this amazing prequalifier, then by Gino Rossano Ianillo CSWC ambassador and by Aurelio Tuffano CSWC Judge and famous Habanos expert .The judge, Aurelio Tufano, introduced all the rules and the CSWC Ambassador Gino offered some useful tips. Despite many members dropping out early on, those who remained became increasingly competitive as the competition heated up. 


Stunning ash construction on the one of the competition CSWC cigars


Fabrizio Borgioli president of CCA with Gino Iannillo and Aurelio Tufano


Sigari magazine of the CCA with prizes for CSWC winners in Firenze

The competition was fierce, with 12 members making it through the first hour. In the end, Leonardo Fici emerged as the winner, completing the session with a time of 1h27m50s. He was awarded a beautiful cigar case of Cuervos y Sobrinos and a bottle of whiskey for his victory. Danny Decembri came in second with 1h 25m18s and was rewarded with a vintage RP cigar and a lovely ashtray from the club. Roberto Bessi earned third place with 1h17m10s and was given a cigar caddy as a prize. The FINAL OF  CSWC Italian tour will be in Civita Castellana on July 22nd. All the participants will have had time to practice and will be ready to compete in the Final for a chance to be crowned the Italian Cigar Smoking World Champion.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-18 at 19.39.13.jpg

Enterance at CSWC competition arena for CSWC Firenze - Villa Viviani


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