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With 15 locations, the United States has a large CSWC season.

Massimo Rosi, CEO of Cuervo y Sobrinos Swiss Watches, presents the main prize - a stunning CSWC CyS watch - to the USA Naples Champion in the first and only USA qualifier in 2020. (season interupted by Covid pandemic)


Patel and Bilic during the announcement of new partnership

Club Macanudo_N.Y.CigarSmokingWorldChampship_05.22.18_FINAL_Lo-Res_TinaBuckman.271_v1_curr

CSWC USA champions shaking hands at the USA finals in NYC

The United States has long been regarded as a sporting superpower.Almost every challenge, sport, or competition has top individuals or teams.The same thing happened with CSWC.Even though Russia was the first country to dominate the first years of the CSWC, the first time the US entered the game, it was a game changer. Darren Cioffi, a slow smoking superstar from Nashville, was that change for Russian dominance and breaking all barriers. 


Two slow smoking legends during final fight on Grand Final - Left in back: Darren Cioffi USA focusing on his cigar and Oleg Pedan Russia (right, front) making gentle puff for maximum slow burning. Both of them was World Champions and they are big rivals

Yes, I had some crazy smoking times during my CSWC career, but the United States didn't really start with CSWC participation. When that occurs, and the United States is fully engaged in the CSWC, we will face some new slow smoking superstars who will achieve incredible feats in this competition. The United States will be one of the best and most interesting countries in the qualification season -Darren Cioffi , Former World Champion, CSWC superstar

In previous years, despite only hosting 5 events per year, the United States has provided some of the world's best slow smokers, three of whom are on the top 20 list of the World's best slow smokers raking list. The United States accomplished this with only a few dozens of smokers participating in the CSWC each year. Russia, the United States' main rival, has seven positions on the list. We are confident that when the CSWC opens a bigger door in the United States, with more events and more smokers participating, that dominance will fall into the hands of the United States. Undoubtedly, exciting times are ahead of us. 


US Army Officer winning the CSWC Nashville round


Moment of winning the US finale in NYC

This year, the CSWC USA season 2021 will bring this one-of-a-kind experience to 15 different locations. This fun and excitement will be available for all USA smokers who want to be a part of this story, as managed by certified CSWC Judges. The first three places will receive amazing prizes worth thousands of dollars from CSWC partners, and some locations will receive a Cuervo y Sobrinos Swiss watch worth 3500 dollars.
The list of the locations, along with dates and contact information, is listed here.
The US final will be held on August 28th, with the winner receiving a free ticket to the World Grand Final in Croatia in September. 

33923930_10156288591947159_3966381944005984256_n (1).jpg

USA CSWC Nashville - Great moments of CSWC experience - fun, excitement and friendship


After four years with Macanudo as the official CSWC cigar, the CSWC took a new step in 2019 when it signed a contract with Rocky Patel to be the new producer of competition cigar.The Grand Final 2019 was the perfect occasion to make the announcement. It was a spectacular event, and Rocky Patel and Marko Bilic exchanged handshakes on stage to signal the start of a new partnership. Even though CSWC was already present in the United States through Macanudo, the partnership with Rocky represented a new level for CSWC on American soil. 

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