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Italian smokers set a new record and made significant progress in their first season. 


The slowest smokers of CSWC Pompei. From left - Gino Rossano Lannillo, former CSWC Italian Champion - 3rd place,  Vincenzo Esposite -2nd place and Pompei winner -  Florindo Lauriello

Pomei - 30th July 2021. An evening that will remain in the history of the Italian Cigar Smoking World Championship. In the new Cigar Lounge Vitium Pompei the competitors fought against the reigning Italian champion Gino Iannillo. After a very exciting competition with different smoking techniques, the judge Francesco Ventura proclaimed Florindo Lauriello the winner of competition who set the new Italian record in 1h 52m 02s. 

It will be very interesting finale. With this prequalification events Italian smokers was able to experience slow smoking challange.
I'm sure they're more interested now, especially the winners of the prequalification events. It will be fantastic to see them in the final slowest race in Italy. -Deputy Head Judge CSWC, Natasa Kresevic 


Beautiful ambience of new Lounge Vitium Pompei

Anna Gargiulo, the best woman slow smoker

Second place for Vincenzo Esposito, a veteran of this competition, always at the top Italian leaders with a time of 1h 41m 19s. Third place for Gino Iannillo and first among women his wife Anna Gargiulo. The final battle will be in Rieti on 7th August, and all the Cigar Club 'O Sicarie Pompei will support his recordman Florindo Lauriello, ready to break down the two-hour wall.


Official Judge Francesco Ventura (on the right) during Prosecco moment

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