Felix Matei placed ROMANIA IN THE TOP 20 LIST.

Romania is ranked in the top 20 best times of the season, thanks to its excellent smoking times

Felix Matei placed ROMANIA IN THE TOP 20 LIST.

Celebration moments with the best ones of CSWC Romania round

Pipe and Cigar Club Romania has a long history. They are one of the most active clubs in Europe, organizing a wide range of activities, including a long tradition of pipe smoking competitions. When they first heard about the CSWC a few years ago, they immediately made contact and expressed their desire to be a part of this historic cigar chalange in slow smoking. That was it; from then on, they have been one of the most active clubs in the organization and activities of the Slow Smoking CSWC.

I am so proud to call these men my friends; they are incredible people who are passionate about pipes and cigars. When Pipe and Cigar Club Romania joined CSWC, CSWC gained significantly.
Always so generous and supportive, always so professional and friendly - a true example how one cigar club/community should be.- Marko Bilic, Founder of CSWC


CSWC competitor in action - going slow and keeping ash


One of the famous Romanian cigar lady - Viorela Ursuelac with the best ones

Our official judge, Liviu Adam, set everything up perfectly for the 3rd CSWC Romania.
The competition began in the early afternoon hours, when the temperature was high and the humidity was low, making it difficult for competitors to fight with cigars. In such conditions, one of the most famous Romanian slow smokers, Mihai Itoafa, is quickly out of the fire; additionally, this is his first time competing with the new RP competition cigar, which is challenge itself.

Other guys are attempting to keep the fire going, but some are already out after 30 minutes. Some of them are more focused and determined to succeed. With 55 minutes and 28 seconds remaining, Doru Savancea managed to take third place. Second place, with only a few minutes difference, went to Florin Tepardea, who smoked for 1 hour and 1 minute. Finally, Felix Matei won with an amazing 1 hour and 47 minutes of smoking by pushing his Rocky Patel competition cigar to the edge.That big time vaulted Romania into the top 20 list for the 2021 season.


Felix Matei - Romanian Champion 2021