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CSWC season 2021  JUST STARTED

CSWC Calendar for season 2021 is getting more clear


Official poster of the CSWC Season 2021

During this difficult pandemic times, there were and there are a lot of challenges in the front of the CSWC team. When COVID just started, CSWC season 2021 was interrupted just on it's beginning and even than , there was hope for possible continuing of the season, CSWC for 2020 was finished and stopped in any live format. CSWC team was fast in reaction and  improvisation, so they established virtual CSWC season called "Stay Strong" by using ZOOM platform which was great success.

CSWC season 2021 is something long awaited, and slow smokers are thirsty for the gatherings, excitement and fun.  The Cigar community like almost no other community depends on live socializing. The cigar asks for it - to be enjoyed with dear people in that lively atmosphere in which all the senses enjoy. That is foundation of the CSWC - Marko Bilic, CSWC founder

But how CSWC is all about gathering of the friends and meeting people in shared passion and excitement toward cigars and slow smoking competition, CSWC team with green lights of their global partners decided to go on with live events and 2021 CSWC season. With great community of national CSWC judges around the world, CSWC season can take a place even in this challenging times with a lot of restrictions -specially traveling banns.

Calendar with locations and dates are getting more filled, and the first qualification events are taking place like that one in North Macedonia from which we are expecting report with results on very soon. 


Alexander Shagai, former World champion in duel with Sergey Galevsky  after 3 hours of competition, in final moments of their battle for Champion of Russia on the CSWC Russia qualification tournament  2018

We expect huge excitement in live season 2021. New competition cigar from Rocky Patel proved that it is completely different from previous one, very demanding, with more need for focus and concertation. Even for experienced smokers it is still fresh toy, very new and different. Virtual season 2020 "Stay Strong" proved that and it showed that new names are coming in,  to collide with "old" , famous slow smokers as Igor kovacic who already have some issues in adjusting to new cigar and and Alexander Shagai who proved that he is managing it well during Zoom on line competitions. With new season and new competition cigar this will be season not to miss. 

Check CSWC Season 2021 Calendar here

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