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Will CSWC history be created in

Big names of slow smoking will face each other this Friday!


The some of the best ones from the CSWC ZOOM season. From left  - Alexander Broman - 2h:12min, Mikael Zeke - 2h:54min and Henrik Kristensson - 3h:11min -Photo made before few days on training session.

Will CSWC history be created in Sweden again?
Sweden is one of the most interesting qualifiers for the final in Split. Four competitors have shown they can smoke for more than three hours, so we are expecting a hard fight for the title of Swedish Champion.


 Two years ago, Igor Kovacic broke the world record, with stunning 3 hours and 52 minutes at the same location. But this time it will not be as easy to win as the field has tighten with new stars Henrik Kristensson and Michael “Zeke” Zander that both had strong results with times around 3 hours.

My goal is to represent Sweden at the final in Split, but that it´s a totally open competition, considering the fantastic times the Swedish BOTL has performed during the CSWC online ZOOM season - Igor Kovacic, World Record Holder


Igor Kovacic "Swedish Tiger" - World Record Holder - 3h:52min

The competition is held in one of the most scenic cigar lounges, with a fantastic view over the Swedish city Helsingborg, and the Danish city Helsingör. Looking out on the other side you can see the old tower Kärnan, which dates back to 1310.  
The event will be broadcasted on Zoom so tune in to see who the Swedish Champion will be. 


Meeting ID: 958 8343 7589, Passcode: 219283

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