Another great recognition for the CSWC line of cigars


Detailed report in the Cigar Journal magazine regarding earned position on the to 25 list

Sure, taste is very personal, and it's true that there's no point in discussing it, but comparing tasting results and opinions, or sharing them with respected people in a specific industry, leads to one big conclusion or, to put it another way, a general opinion, by compiling pure statistics of many individual tasting results. On this basis, we can obtain general tasting results based on the dominance of individual tasting findings that favor the specific product. 

Our team at Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is humbled and happy that our CSWC line made in partnership with Marko Bilic received another great accolade by Cigar Journal and it's smokers. we are happy that all formats of this line are well received by our fellow aficionadas and aficionados. - Kolja Kukuk, Managing Director Europe, RP cigars


CSWC cigar in mareva size ready for competition

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CSWC mareva size in 2020 earned 9th position in top 25

The most anticipated yearly TOP 25 list - Cigar Journal's 25 greatest cigars of the year - is just that. As we said, this list was established using sum and analysis of individual tasting comments from cigar specialists from throughout the world, and it has received global recognition from acknowledged experts. That is why the Cigar Journal 25 list of the greatest cigars of the year is one of the most awaited and anticipated events of the year for cigar enthusiasts all around the world. It was the same for the CSWC community, and we can tell that the CSWc organization board was jumping for joy this year when they learned that one of the CSWC line of cigars (Toro size), manufactured by Rocky Patel, had placed 20th out of the top 25 cigars of the year. With a rating of 93 points, it belongs to an exclusive group of cigars. The CSWC organization board is overjoyed since this proves that, following last year's 9th place in the top 25 list for the CSWC mareva size, all cigars from the CSWC line are among the best in the business in terms of performance as well as flavor.


Stunning CSWC line cigar in TORO size which get this year with 20th position on the top 25 list.