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His first triumph came without any of penalty minutes.


Michael Gomez, winner of CSWC Norridge

Rocky Patel Lounge in Norridge, Illinois, gathered cigar enthusiasts to compete in a slow smoking challenge for the first time. The state of Illinois is widely recognized for its cigar culture, and the Rocky Patel Lounge is a well-known establishment in the area. 
The Cuervo y Sobrinos magnificent Swiss watch, which had been guaranteed for the USA season 2020, was now ready to be handed to the winner here. Suddenly, the motivation to win became much stronger, and competitors were even more enthusiastic for the primary prize of $4000 USD. 

It is encouraging to observe the growth of CSWC in the United States. More and more cigar enthusiasts are becoming acquainted with the CSWC experience, and they love it. - Marko Bilic, Founder of CSWC


The best ones from CSWC  Norridge

As a result, the tournament began with that gorgeous watch as an added motivation for participants.The enthusiasm was palpable, and given that this was all participants' first competition, as well as the monetary worth of the prize, we could only image the excitement in the competition crowd. Slow smoking might be a genuinely hard discipline to maintain in such circumstances. However, Michael H. Gomez had the top time in this competition, clocking in at 1 hour and 14 minutes. Sotros Tito Georgekos came in second with 57 minutes of smoking, while Jason Santiago came in third with 52 minutes of smoking. All of these gentlemen completed their times with no penalty minutes—excellent work! 


The winner - Michael H. Gomez 

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