THE most remarkable MOMENTS FOR THE CSWC IN THE YEAR  2021

The short overview of the year 2021 for the CSWC and Club Mareva

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CSWC team is back in action - here on the deck of the CSWC Grand Final Cruiser

The year 2021 is nearing its end, and the door to the year 2022 is nearly entirely open. In that spirit, this is a good time to look back on the year and how the CSWC and Club Mareva fared in 2021. Even though there were several key moments, we will attempt to highlight a few of them here that piqued our interest the most.

We at CSWC realized that after 2020, we needed to adjust to the new scenario and continue to provide the thrill of the CSWC to our CSWC worldwide community. The year 2021 was pivotal for the CSWC, marking some of the most pivotal occurrences and choices in the CSWC's history.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


CSWC Judge Association did remarkable job for season 2021


CSWC News Portal - great informing platform for CSWC community

Of course, the COVID epidemic highlighted the whole year, but two significant and momentous events distinguished the CSWC year, and they ushered in the CSWC's actual development. That was the formation of the CSWC Judge Association, which recruited more than 55 judges from 36 nations for new CSWC standards and a new global approach to the live, face-to-face global qualifying season. The second event was the launch of the new CSWC information platform, CSWC NEWS PORTAL. That was a fantastic step that kept the entire CSWC community, as well as the entire Cigar community, continually updated and informed about everything going on in the CSWC globe. It is a platform that operates on a daily to weekly basis.


Henrik Kristensson wrote history by bringing World Champion title to Sweden


CSWC came to Middle East - Qatar


Club Mareva opened it-s door in Beirut, Lebanon

The year 2021 will be recognized as a significant return of the live CSWC qualifying season, with official judges and the CSWC judge association in control all around the world. It was extremely successful, and it introduced several new nations, such as Qatar in the Middle East, as well as many pre-qualification national seasons, such as one in Italy and a massive one in the United States. The CSWC season featured 42 events. It will also be remembered for the return of the live Grand Final event in Croatia, which was a resounding success. The year 2021 marked a momentous event in the history of the competition. For the first time, the CSWC World Champion trophy was held by a Swedish competitor, Henrik Kristensson.


CSWC Line of cigars gained great recognition and in year 2021

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Grand Final 2021 was back in full excitement


Boveda made great documentary about CSWC

In 2021, Boveda, an official partner of the cSWC and one of the most powerful companies in the cigar industry, created fantastic video documentary films about the CSWC by capturing some of the most important events of the CSWC season in the United States. Also in 2021, the CSWC line of cigars will be remembered for their extraordinary success. The Cigar Journal magazine awarded the CSWC cigar in toro vitola a high score of 93 points, and it was picked as the 20th cigar in the top 25 list of the finest cigars of 2021 by Cigar Journal - the most anticipated cigar list of the year. Finally, as cherry on the cake, Cigar Club Mareva, the CSWC's parent organization, opened its third lounge and cigar store door in Beirut, Lebanon. Cigar Club Mareva made history in its own nation, in Zagreb's capital city, by hosting the first-ever Zagreb Cigar Night. Even if there are many bright moments in 2021 for the CSWC and Club Mareva, we chose this one as the most remarkable of all the amazing moments in 2021. With champagne and cigars in our hands, we welcome the new 2022, which promises to be even better than the previous one. We have a lot of exciting news and novelties in reserve for you, so stay tuned even more in 2022.


Marko Bilic, founder of the CSWC and Club Mareva opening first Zagreb Cigar Night, in organisation of Club Mareva and Legenda promet