Discovering more about this amazing friend and supporter, true cigar aficionado


Gino Rossano Lannillo (in the middle), one of the founders of globally well-known Amicigar brotherhood 

Cigar World has many renowned names and individuals from the cigar industry who have made a name for themselves in this specialized sector, but there aren't many cigar consumers or connoisseurs who have become famous by sharing their passion and creating an influence on a worldwide scale with their actions. Gino rossano lannillo from Italy, one of the founders of the world-famous Amicigar Brotherhood, is undoubtedly one of those exceptional people.

Gino is an exceptional friend and professional. He devoted all of his time and energy to CSWC out of friendship, and he did so at the highest professional level. That is why CSWC in Italy is continuously expanding, with large organization all throughout the nation and more individuals getting engaged.- Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Gino providing support  during Grand Final 2018


Gino as organiser of Amicigar Festival and CSWC Italy. On photo with Darren Cioffi US Champion during CSWC Italy 2019

The first meeting between Gino and Marko  took place in 2014, thanks to the help of CSWC media partner Cigar Journal magazine, at the annual Cigar Journal tasting weekend in Austria. That was where the seeds of a wonderful friendship were sown. The next meeting was in Split, Croatia, again at the CSWC Cigar Journal tasting weekend in 2015, where Gino came up with the idea to help CSWC by bringing the slow smoking experience to Italy. Gino observed it through the lens of the well-known, global Amicigar Brotherhood event, which was held that year on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and of which he was one of the founders.
Gino, in agreement with the other founding members of the Amicigar brotherhood, brought the CSWC on Italian land. That was a major step for CSWC in many ways, and it demonstrates Gino's full support for CSWC because CSWC as part of the Amicigar Festival program was the first ever reason to include a non-Cuban cigar in one of the festival's sections. The reason for this was because Macanudo was the principal CSWC partner at the time, and they provided official competition cigars produced in Dominican Republic. That helped so much to CSWC to be presented to the global Cuban Cigar lovers.


Gino and Marko on the CSWC UK 2015 in London


Gino and zeljana during CSWC Italy 2016 in Rome


Gino on red carpet of the CSWC 2019

Gino offered the CSWC his entire support and took it under his protection after its well-received and successful presentation in Italy that he organised. Even when CSWC Italy was partly organized by STG (Macanudo) Italy in following years, Gino maintained complete control and supervision of all operations around CSWc to ensure that everything was done to the high standards he considered CSWc deserved. He pushed CSWC throughout the country and to the whole Italian cigar community. Above and beyond that, he assisted CSWC by going to various nations where CSWC qualification tournaments were place. The pinnacle of his actions occurred in the year 2021, when he made significant efforts to recruit Italian CSWC Judges, and with them he created the first major CSWC season in Italy on many venues around the country, culminating in a national Italian final event. That program was a complete success, and Gino is already planning a larger and more active season of the CSWC in 2022 with the help of Italian judges and the Cigar Club Association.


Gino with Marko in judging support during CSWC Russia 2017