French Flag for Croatian victory, for Croatian power on Grand Final.


Deputy Head Judge Natasa Kresevic giving prizes to the Croatian Champion

The CSWC Croatian qualifier was postponed a few times. This gave Croatian smokers more time to practice with the new cigar. They mostly commented on how new cigars are more demanding and difficult to keep alive. This theory is supported by average times from the season 2021. Nonetheless, they achieved good results.

The combination of a hard and warm day, as well as a competition cigar with some construction issues, was a perfect match for early error and finishing competition. To win this competition, you need to be fresh in order to be focused and bring that cigar to its full potential, so it was not my day.- Toni Stoilov, First World Champion.


Luci Babic choosing her competition cigar


Slow smoking legend Nenad Medak in action

Extremely hot day with huge humidity fulfilled Club Mareva. Conditions for slow smoking was really hard and competition cigars needed to be pushed to be kept alive.  Toni Stoilov, First World Champion started well but it was obvious that his cigar have construction problems. He was out too soon.


Zoran Pejovic (left) reached solid 3rd place.


CSWC Judge association leadership.


Croatian champion in action.

Guy Pardillos took the lead almost immediately after the game began. Nenad Medak, a Croatian slow smoker legend, got off to a good start but then lost steam. Zoran Pejovic, one of the best Croatian slow smokers, started as one of the fastest, but in the last third of the competition, he switched to turbo slow mode and finished well. With nearly four competitors on the same level, the competition becomes extremely heated. In the end, Zoran saved cigar twice, but he pushed harder and finished third. Experienced Nenad finished second again, and Guy Pardillos won with an outstanding performance that evening. He is skilled and highly motivated, so a great result on the Grand Final is expected of him.


Judges and Marko Bilic, CSWC founder with the best ones from the CSWC qualifications Croatia