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As the Swedish Tiger steps back into the spotlight, the CSWC community is bracing for an unforgettable event this Saturday


Three legends of the CSWC in one photo - Igor Kovacic in nerve breaking last puffs of Grand Final 2015, supported by former World Champion from USA Darren Cioffy (right) and observed by sharp eye of the Jan Vistisen, first international CSWC Judge

This Saturday, the slow smoking arena will witness a monumental event as the famous and legendary Swedish Tiger, Igor Kovacic, makes his long-awaited return to the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) after a two-year hiatus. This news has electrified the smoking community, making this Saturday one of the most eagerly anticipated CSWC qualifiers for a long time. The excitement doesn't end with Igor's return. He will face off against some of the best global smokers from Sweden, including formidable competitors as actual swedish Champion Michael Zeke and former World Champion Henrik Kristensson. These matchups promise to bring excitement,  intensity and competition to the qualifier.

Igor has a fantastic personality and is also a great competitor, ranking among the best ever - true legend. He possesses all of the qualities you would anticipate from someone aspiring to tbe on the top of the World. I'm glad he's on his way back to CSWC, and even if he doesn't achieve a top result this Saturday, believe me, this is only a warm-up and waking upfor that cat who will rise like a tiger later
 - Marko Bilic, CSWC Founder


Igor Kovacic as Vice Champion of the World 2015


Swedish tiger with his Trophy CyS Watches he won in his long and successful CSWC carrier

Igor's previous experiences with the CSWC Rocky Patel competition cigar have been challenging for various reasons. However, the Swedish Tiger is known for his indomitable spirit and resilience. With a heart of a true sportsman and challenger, Igor is ready to make his comeback and demonstrate his exceptional skills once again.


For those unfamiliar with his illustrious career, Igor, also known as the Swedish Tiger, is a true legend in the CSWC circuit. He has twice held the title of vice champion of the world and has set three world records, including one that he still holds—the longest duration of keeping a world record from July 2019 until June 2024.

Mikael “Zeke” Zander: The reigning Swedish champion aims to defend his title with unmatched determination.
Henrik Kristensson: The former world champion returns, bringing his formidable skills to the table.
Igor Kovacic: Known as the "Swedish Tiger," this legend seeks to reclaim his former glory after holding a world record of 3 hours and 52 minutes.
Peter Gustafsson: A newcomer who has trained rigorously and is now consistently exceeding two hours, adding fresh competition to the field.
With three competitors already showing they can smoke for over three hours, the battle for the Swedish Champion title is set to be fierce.



Michael Zander - Zeke, unbeaten Swedish champion for last three years


Famous International judge - Pierre Gustavsson ready for the game of the season


Henrik Kristenssonn, another Swedish legend, only one from Sweden with World Champion Title

The Organizer and Judge: Pierre Gustafsson
Pierre Gustafsson, a celebrated figure in the CSWC community with an impressive resume as an international judge, is the mastermind behind this year’s event. His dual role as organizer and judge ensures a competition marked by precision, fairness, and excitement


Fans and competitors alike are eager to see if he can reclaim his former glory and add another chapter to his storied legacy. This Saturday's qualifier is not just about competition; it's a celebration of the return of a legend and the thrilling confrontations that will ensue.

As the Swedish Tiger steps back into the spotlight, the CSWC community is bracing for an unforgettable event. With high stakes and legendary competitors, this Saturday promises to be a historic day in the world of slow smoking. Get ready for an epic showdown that will leave an indelible mark on the CSWC.

Join Us: Witness the Triumphs and Trials
While the event will not be broadcast live, real-time updates will be shared on CSWC Sweden's Facebook page. Follow along to see who will emerge victorious and secure a spot in the grand finale in Split


Igor Kovacic AKA Swedish Tiger is adore by his fans -  here is his fans from all over the world with his World Record time , Swedish flag and Tiger face  printed on polo shirts, to show support to Igor on Grand Final 2019, few weeks later after he took WR

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