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With the competitions in Hove and Windsor setting a high standard, anticipation is building for the final showdown in London - CSWC London heat and UK Finale

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UK CSWC legend and UK record holder -  Etan Patel -  warming up for UK Finale wit first victory in the UK season

Cigar Smoking World Championship at  Hove shop was nothing short than fierce slow smoking race. Competitors faced off in a tightly contested battle, showcasing their skills and endurance. Congratulations to Josh for claiming the crown wit just 8 second distance from second positioned Jon. It was worth of mentioning that 3rd positioned Daniel Johnson had the best time, but one minute penalty brought to him 3rd place. Both Josh and Jon are now set to advance to the grand final in London, where they will compete against the best smokers in the region.

A special shoutout goes to official CSWC Judge David and Bright Leaf for their invaluable contributions in making the Hove event a resounding success. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as participants battled it out, showcasing their smoking prowess.


Hove competitors in lighting up moments


New CSWC Judge David Bruce Taylor did amazing job - here on photo he is congratulating to the winner of Hove

Simultaneously, the 2024 CSWC season launched in our newly revamped Windsor lounge with equal fervor. The reigning UK record holder, Etan Patel, clinched victory, narrowly edging out Paresh Patel, who took second place. The competition was intense, with both winners (From Hove and Winsdor)securing their spots by mere seconds—a testament to the high level of skill and precision among the competitors.

The Windsor event was expertly guided by UK judges Sarah and David, who traveled to oversee the proceedings. Their presence ensured the competition was fair and thrilling, adding to the overall success of the event.

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Etan and Paresh - always close in the slow smoking races

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Nice burn and handling of the competition cigar during Winsdor heat

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Sarah Saunders, CSWC ambassador and Judge

The close finishes in both Hove and Windsor highlight the fierce nature of these competitions. The narrow margins between winners and runners-up underscore the high stakes and exceptional talent present in this year's CSWC season.

As Josh and Jon prepare for the London final, and Etan and Paresh reflect on their narrow victories, the anticipation builds for the upcoming heats and the ultimate UK final. The fierce competition seen in Hove and Windsor promises an exhilarating road to the UK Championship 2024, where the best of the best will vie for the prestigious title.

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The best ones of the CSWC Hove  with amazing judge David

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Competitors in Windsor are preparing for the start

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